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 Developer of the Board “Found out that my Grandson Voted for Party of Regions…” Put on the Wanted List. VIDEO

New details emerge regarding the billboard that caused a lot of positive emotions on social networks and a lot of negative ones for Dnepropetrovsk oblast authorities.

As it became known the bold step as made by community activist ad opposition chairman of Elizavetov village council (Petrikovsk district of Dnepropetrovsk oblast) Maxim Golosnoy.

According to Dneprodzerzhynsk-online the oblast authorities could not find a legal motive for repressions against him announced him a wanted fugitive without charging him with anything.

Attempts to clear the situation in Dnepropetrovsk oblast Police Department have not been successful. According to the special case investigator Demyanishyn the case may be related to past activities of Golosnoy at the post of chairman of Elizavetov village council.

Maxim Golosnoy has commented on the situation stating the following:

"First of all, I would like to inform you that the director of ORANGE advertisement agency Ntalya was taken to the intensive care unit after yesterday's phone conversation with a high-ranking official. Since yesterday she is officially on sick leave. I am very sorry that it happened this way but these are the realities of today - there are no moral principles in this power, no law - kill, maim, threaten but achieve your goal. 2 weeks ago a person I very much respected was murdered - a well-known Denpropetrovsk ecologist Vladimir Goncharenko. He was not careful when telling the truth, being public and a man of principals and has crossed the path of business interests of Krivoy Rog clan. I d not exclude attempts on my life and the life of my colleagues - we have to watch our backs.

Presently I am officially on all Ukrainian wanted list and my lawyer has not been able to determine the reasons for over a month - they deny access to the documents and there is no opportunity to appeal the decree.

I am also registered as a candidate in 30th district but I clearly understand that my chances in the current situation are bleak. It is more of a protest against elections without a choice that we are being shoved. Using my election campaign (if you can call it that), my example I want to demonstrate the authorities reaction to real and not fake opposition, the society crisis and the misfortune that has fallen on Ukraine. Greed, lack of principles, ruthlessness and cowardice of the local kinglets whose power is based on their capitals and mercenaries from law enforcement. At the same time I want to show that even one person can stand up against them and change something and a consolidated society can easily take this trash out to the junk yard of history.

And the example with the board s an illustrative one. Look, the Party of Regions has hundreds of boards only in our city where it boasts about the stability and well-being. We have only ONE where we humorously tell the truth. And because of it several people have already suffered and their life was threatened! Look at the reaction to one banner - rip it off immediately, glue it over, threaten everybody! Do they really think that people will not find out the truth without it? It is a disgrace, a disgrace witnessed by all of Ukraine!

Our message from this board is not PR, it is an attempt to wake our society up. And while I am here I will not leave these attempts.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v214717