Visit to Kyiv: get the most out of it

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A classic sightseeing program in Kyiv is a must: walk along the main street, Khreshchatyk, delve into the spirits of ancient Kyiv Pecherska Lavra, buy a local souvenir at Andriivskyi Descent. But Kyiv in summer has a lot more to offer.

It’s a kingdom of chestnuts in blossom, lovely sunsets over Dnipro River, and cafés spread along the streets. StayinKiev travel agency tells about the major sights of Kyiv, tourist and unusual places, Kyiv tours and other interesting things.

Classic cultural program 

Kyiv is made of historic and cultural points of interest. Golden Gates of Yaroslav the Wise, great Sophia Kyivska, and many more…

  • Kyiv Pecherska Lavra: Caves with relics of the saints, the Great church, and even the park breathe inexplicable strength and unshakable tranquility. On the territory of Lavra, a 24-hour viewing platform operates.

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  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti — Independence Square. This is the place where Ukrainian history has been and will be created. It’s located in the heart of the main street, Khreshchatyk, linking Evropeiska and Besarabska Square. The street keeps Kyiv Rus charm and is deemed the most beautiful in the city.
  • Museum in Pyrohiv: Exhibit of national architecture of Ukraine since the end of 18th century. Mills, smith shops, huts — take some rest in the open-air museum. It’s better to visit during museum holidays — you will take part in people’s festivities and will be able to try some local peasant food.

Ethnic cuisine specialties

Travel budgets differ from trip to trip, so below are three Ukrainian cuisine restaurants from different price categories. 

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  • Puzata Khata (Пузата Хата) — an affordable chain of Ukrainian fast food. A lunch for one person is about $2. They always serve truly Ukrainian borshch (beetroot soup), Chicken Kyiv, and uzvar (drink made of dry fruit).
  • Spotykach (Спотикач) — this is a place for lovers of great beer and varenyky (traditional Ukrainian dumplings). The restaurant is styled as a comfy pub of 19th century. An average cost per person is $5-$7.
  • Ostannia Barykada (Остання барикада). This restaurant has a modern design and a classic Ukrainian cuisine. They use only local food, including alcohol. A lunch or a dinner will cost $10-$15 per person.

Places to walk and drink coffee

In Kyiv downtown, there are numerous routes for walking. To make them even more impressive, don’t forget to visit:

  • Mariinskyi Park. This place has snail coffee machines, parkways dated late 19th century, and Water Museum hidden among abundant trees. In the heart of this large park you will find the Lover’s Bridge where couples in love leave numerous locks. Due to heavy weight, the first batch of the locks had to be taken down, and inscriptions from them were put on the floor boards of the bridge.

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  • ‘Mother Motherland.’ Reach this highest standing statue (102 m with pedestal) of the Soviet era from metro stations Arsenalna, Pecherska or Druzhby Narodiv. The statue stands next to Museum of Ukraine’s history in WWII and is surrounded by Park Slavy. It’s a place to remember history, view a beautiful sunset over Dnipro River, and have a picnic with a view over Kyiv’s Left Bank.
  • Andriivskyi Descent. This wandering ancient street is full of museums, theaters, and restaurants. Both sides of the street are covered with souvenir shops. This is one of the most vivid and heartfelt places in the city. Street experimental concerts always take place there. The street is overlooked by the grand Andriivska church. Make sure to visit the One Street Museum — you will learn how this once was the poorest street of Kyiv, how wars affected it, and which celebrities used to live here.

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And these are just a few areas that can be visited in the capital city. Come and see! 

Night entertainment

After you spend the day sightseeing, you can make your evening even more memorable. If you’re not only into night clubs, try one of the following:

  • Night in Bulgakov Museum. The house where the well-known writer lived and worked has been keeping the secrets and mystery of the family. Once a month the museum offers a tour called ‘Night in the museum.’ We will say no more, you should go and see that on your own.
  • Opera and Ballet Theater. People’s opera Natalka Poltavka or comedy ballet Dykanka Nights — every Kyiv visitor should see this concentration of Ukrainian culture.
  • Art-Zavod Platforma. The end of spring is a signal for Kyiv residents that art-zavod Platforma is opening its doors. Junk markets, famous bands’ concerts, street food and alcohol festivals — there is something for everyone here. 

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Extreme, shooting, and military tours

When you have enough of architecture, gastronomic excitements, and cultural monuments, shift to extreme:

  • Military tour. Want to visit a real military base? Undergo professional training, ride a real tank, shoot a weapon at a firing range — you can have it all. Special extreme tours allow visitors live a day of totally different life. At the end of the tour you will have a photo shoot in uniform and a soldier’s field lunch. 

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  • Visit to Chornobyl. The explosion at the nuclear power plant occurred 31 years ago, but the land and the people are still under effect. During a tour to Chornobyl you will learn how human negligence ruined the life, have a walk in a contaminated forest, see abandoned cities of Prypiat and Chornobyl, and see the secret Duga radar station. If you want to learn more, there will be a unique possibility to meet families who decided to return to the houses they left after the explosion. The tour includes buried Kopachi village and a night in a comfortable hotel in Prypiat. Order the tour from StayinKiev tour agency. 

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When on a visit to Kyiv, use the ideas above or do some more: you will always be able to come across a beautiful street, a themed café, or a modern theater. Kyiv is the city of pleasant surprises.

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