Murder of Pankov

Author: Yurii Butusov

Back in the day, I had a chance to talk to Viktor Pankov, former acting director of Ukrspyrt SE, who was murdered today. He was appointed to the post of deputy director on legal matters back in 2010. His appointment was made by then Agricultural Minister Prysiazhniuk, as agreed with criminal rings of Oleksii Chebotariov (Cheba) and Yurii Ivaniushchenko (Yura Yenakievsky).

Prysiazhniuk, Ivaniushchenko and Chebotariov belonged to one group. They were working in favor of their boss, Viktor Yanukovych, "charging" the entire spirits and vodka sector. He acted as he was ordered to.

In December 2014, Agricultural Minister Oleksii Pavlenko appointed Pankov acting director of Ukrspyrt SE. Both Pavlenko and his post-Maidan predecessor Shvaika kept the group formed by Prysiazhniuk and Ivaniushchenko in Ukrspyrt.

Hovewer, it should be mentioned that Pankov earned fame during the war for gathering aid for ATO fighters. There were some good deeds made by the man.

Murder of Pankov 01
Pankov was murdered in Kyiv in the morning of May 30

Oleksii Chebotariov, a.k.a. Cheba, is on the wanted list, as long as his gang, ordered by Yenakievsky, kidnapped and killed the first hero of the Heavenly Hundred, Yurii Verbytskyi, as well as kidnapped and tortured activist Ihor Lutsenko. Cheba has bought a villa in Moscow's Rublevka with the billions of dollars stolen in Ukraine. He is also building, according to some sources, a cigarette production facility in Russia. The business of Cheba is smuggling cigarettes through Ukraine and... production of vodka and spirit in Ukraine. He still informally controls, through his proxies, the production of vodka and spirits in Chernihiv.

Ukrspyrt is actually quite a useless company, created not for the development of alcohol production, but for concentration of financial flows and interaction with major market players. Ukraine is a unique country where there is a state monopoly on spirits production, but the state incurs losses from the concern that produces it. No investments, no modernization of production, nothing this non-corporate state Ukrspyrt can attract. Old energy-consuming plants exist only because they work in the shadow, and are de facto outside the state control area. There is an understanding among experts that there is only one way out: the abolition of the state monopoly and privatization. But years pass, and the situation does not change.

Agriculture Minister Taras Kutovyi, right after his appointment in 2016, drafted his first bill -- on the privatization of Ukrspyrt. But this bill has never been passed by the government to the Verkhovna Rada over the year of Kutovyi's tenure. Because neither the government nor the deputies are interested in it. Kutovyi himself did not publicly fight for this bill, quickly turned into a part of the system, and completed his unsuccessful tenure without bringing results on it.

Now, three years after the revolution, the situation in Ukrspyrt does not differ systematically from what it was under Yanukovych. Ukrspyrt is ruled by the people of Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman. The ruling parties always benefit from Ukrspyrt as it is a convenient tool for building their shadow schemes and controlling distilleries.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET

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