Heroes of two wars

Photographer Oleksandr Chekmenev made a photo series of heroes from two wars that affected Ukraine - the WWII and the current war in the Donbas.

Chekmenev's project "WAR-TORN 2014-2015" depicts wounded Ukrainian military treated in the Main Kyiv Military Hospital. The photographer showed grave consequences of the combat activities that are currently taking place in the east of Ukraine caused by the Russian aggression.

Ukraine is forced to protect its land and people just like it was forced to do the same back in the 20th century, when attacked by German Nazi. Chekmenev's new series shows heroes of both wars, as well as the grave consequences a war inevitably brings in.
Heroes of two wars 01Heroes of two wars 02Heroes of two wars 03Heroes of two wars 04Heroes of two wars 05Heroes of two wars 06Heroes of two wars 07Heroes of two wars 08Heroes of two wars 09Heroes of two wars 10Heroes of two wars 11Heroes of two wars 12

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