Could terrorist Givi be killed by “Ukrainian secret subversive group”?

Author: Yurii Butusov

This was announced by DPR leaders without hesitation and investigation. Although we would love to pronounce our victory, let’s take a look at the liquidation without emotions.

The voiced statements, photos, and video footage from the site where terrorist Mikhail Tolstykh was eliminated stipulate for the following:

1. “A Ukrainian secret subversive group,” with the purpose of passing unnoticed, has got its hands on a Shmel RPO-A rocket launcher, never in service with the Ukrainian army. Shmels were used by fighters of Russian private military company ChVK Vagner to kill Batman Brigade’s leader Alexander Bednov in Luhansk.

2. A Ukrainian saboteur carrying a large rocket launcher behind his back easily gets inside a heavily guarded territory of the Somali separate assault brigade in Donetsk. I.e., the saboteur has chosen the most difficult and dangerous way of liquidation — at the most heavily guarded facility. Look at it: does it seem like one can walk around unnoticed with a man-portable rocket launcher?
Could terrorist Givi be killed by “Ukrainian secret subversive group”? 01

3. Givi was an object of an attempt in April 2016. After his friend Motorola was killed, everyone said Givi would be next, so he had tightened his security. Of course, the ‘Ukrainian’ saboteur did not get scared off — he was certain he would not be revealed and detained while carrying the rocket launcher.

4. The ‘Ukrainian’ saboteur knew the Somali premises inside out, and he knew exactly where Givi’s office was, and he knew when Givi would be in his office. In other words, he was keeping an eye on the cabinet. And no one in Somali noticed it.

Could terrorist Givi be killed by “Ukrainian secret subversive group”? 02

Could terrorist Givi be killed by “Ukrainian secret subversive group”? 03

5. The ‘Ukrainian’ saboteur fired his rocket launcher at 6:12 a.m., when everyone is still sleeping in the Somali base. The ‘saboteur’ walked across the empty base unhampered, unnoticed by the guards, and knowing for sure that Givi was there. I.e., someone at the base was priming the ‘Ukrainian’ with sharp intelligence and communicating with him.

Could terrorist Givi be killed by “Ukrainian secret subversive group”? 04

Could terrorist Givi be killed by “Ukrainian secret subversive group”? 05

6. If it was indeed a rocket launcher, it must have been fired from outside: firing this kind of weapon inside is dangerous for the shooter. The shot is really loud, so it must have waken everyone up — however, no one in the heavily guarded base noticed the shooter down the office of the commander, and the ‘Ukrainian saboteur’ was not detained on site! He vanished from the guarded military base just like a ghost!

Could terrorist Givi be killed by “Ukrainian secret subversive group”? 06

7. Kremlin representative Peskov issued a very reserved comment on Givi’s elimination. Instead of cursing ‘Ukrainian’ saboteurs, he expressed hope that ‘peaceful settlement’ will continue in the Donbas: “Of course, we hope that there is a certain safety margin preventing those who are behind these murders from causing further escalation…”

The Donbas will become much cleaner and quieter now, I agree, and no one will prevent “Putin’s sly plan in the ‘DPR’” from happening.

I believe that facts we have at the moment indicate that circumstances of Givi’s murder remind just another operation of Russia’s secret services. The elusive ‘Ukrainian’ saboteurs seem to be just another legend for covering real doers.

P.S. And what if Givi’s murder is a revenge of “LPR” [“Luhansk People’s Republic,” one of the two self-styled states in the Donbas — Ed.] secret services for blowing up the first deputy commander of the 2nd army corps of “LPR” Oleg Anashchenko in Luhansk? The investigation should probably check this version, too? Someone did draw a border line and put up a customs office between the young republics [‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ and ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ — Ed.]. Someone is fueling the face-off between the peoples of the “LPR” and “DPR.” Is it a coincidence? Don’t think so.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r426995