Investigation: What happened in Crimea on Aug. 7-8 and who killed two Russian military?

Author: Yurii Butusov

Epic fail of Russian special services has been recorded in stories by Russian media Lifenews and Kommersant. By reporting on “Panov case” and spreading fake information on his participation in terrorist attacks, the Russian media disclosed new details of what happened near Armiansk in occupied Crimea on Aug. 7-8.

The story by Lifenews is full with astonishing details that allow recreating the entire picture looking more like a tragic joke, during which two Russian military were killed and two civilians were wounded.

So, Russian president Vladimir Putin's visit to Crimea was being prepared. Obviously, Russian intelligence services were conducting preventive measures and playing out a scenario of a Ukrainian sabotage group's invasion. They psyched out to the extent so that they evacuated all vacationists from Armiansk area! …

So in Armiansk, they just amassed the troops and special purpose units for they were expecting saboteurs. Would it be fair if the saboteurs did not show up in such perfect setting, when everything was ready and protected?

Here is Lifenews' story about how they found the 'saboteurs':

"The story of Ukrainian terrorists' capture started on Aug. 6 from a call to a taxi service.

"The caller asked for a car in Suvorovo for 3 a.m. The operator made a record in his book and took notice of the number - it was Ukrainian.

"The order became of interest to Russian FSB servicemen operating in the peninsula.

"The officers decided to go there themselves disguised as taxi drivers with weapons.


"On the outskirts of Suvorovo, near the cemetery, the operatives got in a real ambush. The saboteurs were expecting them in bushes near the road and opened rifle fire as the taxi approached. An FSB operative who drove the car was killed on spot; his colleagues opened retaliating fire but were gravely wounded. When reinforcement arrived, the saboteurs were long gone."

It sounds as a joke - a taxi ordered from Ukrainian territory for saboteurs who allegedly arrived in Crimea. The story was totally different as reported by Kommersant:

"Lieutenant Colonel Kamenev and two operatives from his group were allocated at a cemetery in the village. At 2 a.m., a group of armed people from abroad came to their area.

Killed Russian officer Roman Kamenev

"According to a Kommersant's source, … Kamenev first shouted "Stop! FSB operating!" and suggested that they laid down their weapons. The seizure took some seconds - the Spetsnaz soldiers killed two militants and disarmed three of them."

What's important to note and what aligns in both versions - units of several law enforcement agencies were deployed in Armiansk area. Each of them knew the saboteurs were already active in the area, so the law enforcers were prepared to use weapons. According to Lifenews, no one was taken captive during the skirmish - all of the 'saboteurs' were captured later.

Why would saboteurs need to come to Crimea at 3 a.m. to shoot at a taxi near a cemetery? They could not know the car was carrying FSB officers. Lifenews' version looks shrewder. Kommersant's version is not confirmed by facts - Russian special services have not shown any saboteurs' weapons.

They designated the following guys as Panov's ally:

"At around 4 a.m. a new message came.

"A white Skoda vehicle is attempting to break through from Rysove village. It should be stopped, a duty staff officer reported.

"Skoda showed up in the special operation area and did not react to demands to stop. The soldiers fired warning shots in air and on tyres, then shot to kill, - a local told Newslife.

"The car was also fired at from a coming helicopter, and then it stopped. It was driven by Turkish citizen named Hafiz, resident of Suvorovo, with passenger Tetiana Frich, resident of Sovkhozne, wife of Ihor Frich.

"The woman was wounded four times - in her abdomen and a hip. The Turk was luckier to receive light wounds. The intelligence officers sent them to hospital with guards."

See how crazy and unprofessional it all gets. Soldiers noticed the car and started firing at it. They thought hearing the shots will make the driver stop. … But who would think that when hearing a shot, you need to stop? Hafiz the Turk did not know it either. As a result, a civilian car was fired at to kill by brave Russian soldiers, together with a combat helicopter! They wounded two civilians without knowing who they are and without attempts to stop the car!

But what was Tetiana Frich doing in a house with Hafiz at 4 a.m?


"When FSB was here, it was scary. … My daughter-in-law went for a ride on Saturday, to listen to some music, she said nothing to her husband, and on Sunday FSB officers told us she was in the hospital with shot wounds. She's alive in Simferopol hospital. She is 27," Tetiana's mother-in-law, mother of Ihor Frich, Alla Anatoliivna says.

Hafiz's wife

Tetiana Frich's fault is that SHE COULD HAVE BEEN linked to Ukraine, which definitely makes her a spy, as Russian media believe. Lifenews would publish any bullsh#t just to justify stupidity and outrage of Russian military:

"Tetiana was helping to bring people from Ukraine. The check is poor at the customs, a source told Lifenews. It said Crimean people get more trust, and those who sympathized with Ukraine were earning money on this. They did not like that Crimea became Russian, so they decided to benefit from it and were bringing everything from there for money."

No more details. What was Tetiana helping to bring, how was she benefiting from it, what does Hafiz have to do with this, and how is she related to saboteurs? Not a word. Gravely wounded woman is made an accomplice of a 'sabotage group' for nothing.

My conclusion is as follows:

Prior to Putin's visit to Crimea, local intelligence services decided to demonstrate their efforts and expose some Ukrainian plot. In fact it was regular preventive measures with hysteria and generals' efforts to scare their subordinates.

As a result, FSB, border guards and the army deployed large troops near Armiansk to test a scenario of invasion from Ukraine.

They kicked tourists out of Armiansk, and then thought that a taxi call was linked to a Ukrainian sabotage group and raised alarm. Another unit - Vympel - left for the signal, which had no details and thought they were going to an area of where Ukrainian 'sabotage group' operated.

Taxi car with Vympel unit was affected by fire of another Russian law enforcement unit who were informed about saboteurs in the area. Possibly, they wanted to stop the cab with warning shots and thought the car was carrying civilians. However, FSB Spetsnaz thought the warning shots were the 'saboteurs' fire and fired back, and then Vympel was fired at to kill.

"The seizure took some seconds - the Spetsnaz soldiers killed two militants and disarmed three of them, Kommersant's source said. However, the wounds of the commander of the operation were deadly," Kommersant wrote. Anyway, it's been two weeks since then, but we are not shown any weapons nor who exactly shot Kamenev - they failed to make Panov look involved in it.

It is clear why there is no evidence - because it was weapon of Russian law enforcers who shot their colleague. Possibly, no one was captured during the skirmish - just as Lifenews reported. Kommersant lied about it.

Due to the same insanity within Russian law enforcement agencies scared by fake reports of 'saboteurs,' another unit found a civilian car at 4 a.m. in the neighboring village and attempted to stop it with fire - but people did not understand the signal, and the car was shot to kill, just like the car with Vympel officers the same night.

But this is not the end. Late in the evening in the same area, a company of Russian paratroopers 'vacationed' near the border with Ukraine and noticed 'saboteurs' in flooded areas, Kommersant reported. 'Saboteurs' opened fire, while Russian paratroopers did not, in order to avoid "hitting houses of Ukrainian villagers." Russian sergeant Semen Sychev was killed.

Semen Sychev

It looks very much like mishandling of weapons, and the very 'skirmish' with 'saboteurs' like another fake. Russian paratroopers are ready to shoot at any peaceful village and its residents - they demonstrated it in wars in Chechnya and Ukraine. As long as they didn't shoot, there was no 'sabotage group.'

So Kamenev was killed due to shameful panic and lack of coordination and command among Russian intelligence services. Sychev's killing under influence was masked as 'sabotage group' attack to cover the murder of the soldier. This is typical of the Russian Federation. The generals used the tragedies to cover their stupidity, and proximity of Ukraine allowed referring the losses to Ukraine.

Russian media no longer mention their initial reports, according to which FSB announced massive shelling and a Ukrainian tank covering the 'saboteurs.'

This scandal shows real level of Putin's power. Russian media are ready to justify any fake, any lies, and intelligence services are ready to turn any person into a 'saboteur.' Three days of interrogations, and anyone would plead guilty.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NETИсточник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r402610