Mystery of Wagner’s identity unfolded: he is Russian officer and head of large private military company in Russia, who eliminated Mozgovoy, Dremov, and other terrorist leaders, and now is fighting in Syria

Author: Yurii Butusov

I have been long gathering information on activities of the gang of Russian mercenaries of Wagner. It is one of the most combat-ready military units of the Russian occupational troops, organized as a private official military company, which enrolls soldiers of the Russian Federation. In other words, a legalized terrorist unit for dirty business.

Wagner receives the latest weapons. For instance, armored vehicles 'Vystrel,' which serve in the Russian army only, were redeployed to the Donbas for this unit exclusively. The Russian Federation awards killed militants from Wagner units with RF state decorations, and they enjoy all the benefits as soldiers.

"Sputnik and pogrom," an influential medium among Russian mercenaries funded by Russian secret services named Wagner "the warlord of the year."

According to this Russian medium, Wagner's private military company (PMC) killed the well-known terrorist leaders in 2015 - Alexey Mozgovoy, Pavel Dremov, Alexander Bednov, Yevgeny Ishchenko, and many others. Dozens of rebels are named Wagner's 'victims.' All rebellious mercenaries were destroyed: the most famous was the punitive operation on "securing" 'rebels" of Antratsyt. Wagner shot dead more than 10 rebels there, including leaders of Antratsyt 'militia' Vyacheslav Pinezhanin and Mikhail Koval.

A quote from "Sputnik and pogrom":

"Wagner's people started acting back in Crimea. Their groups were operating in line with army units - they were unarming the Ukrainian army and took control over facilities in the peninsula. The PMC was perfect for the new hybrid war - well-trained soldiers who were not officially linked with the Russian Federation's Armed Forces. After almost no blood in Crimea, Wagner's people were given a task in the Donbas. … Thanks to their support, insurgents were able to quickly destabilize Ukrainian law enforcers on the territory of two regions, immobilize operation of local government, seize ammunition storages, and control the streets…

"After the hot stage of the conflict ended, Wagner's people gained notoriety for darker deeds. Wagner's people are said to be the ones behind the wave of political killings in the Luhansk republic - shootings of Ishchenko, Mozgovoy, Bednov and Dremov. It is believed that the PMC acts mostly in the "Luhansk People's Republic" ("LPR") and serves the master of the republic, Plotnitskiy, and those behind him - but it does not report to him, of course. Wagner makes the Luhansk republic a puppet formation; charismatic and popular leaders prevented that."

Russian website "Fontanka" published a very informative article on Wagner and found a blurred image of the officer. According to the Russian medium, he is:


"Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Utkin, aged 46. A professional military. Prior to 2013, he commanded Pechory-based, Pskov Oblast, 700th separate special forces unit of the 2nd spetznaz brigade of the GRU of the Ministry of Defense. After being dismissed for reserve, he worked in Moran Security Group - a private company providing services of guarding ships in pirate-endangered areas. When MSG's managers organized "Slavic Corps" in 2013 and sent it to Syria to protect Bashar al-Assad, he took part in this ill-fated expedition. Since 2014 he has been a commander of his own unit, called after his call sign, "Wagner's PMC."

"He is well-known for his devotion to the aesthetics and ideology of the Third Reich, that's where his call sign comes from - the name of the visionary composer.

"He was allegedly killed in January 2016 near Ozerianivka in Donetsk area, but in fact he is safe and sound. At the moment he's either in Syria or in the training camp in Molkino.

"The so-called PMC, based on the "Slavic Corps," which got battered in Syria in 2013, commanded by a man with call sign Wagner, was active in Crimea since spring 2014, and later - on the territory of the Luhansk region, according to information available to "Fontanka."

"Since fall 2015, its major efforts were redeployed to Syria."

"Fontanka" also found graves of two Wagner's mercenaries who were killed in the Donbas - Andrey Shteiner and Andrey Yelmeyev. They were eliminated on Jan. 28, 2015. Another mercenary Sergey Chupov left the Donbas for Syria and was killed in February 2016. All of these mercenaries were later awarded by Russia.

Here is the entire article (in Russian).

The fact that "Fontanka"s article is authentic and that it was Wagner who killed terrorist leaders has been confirmed by a high-profile source of the enemy. In February 2016, before the article in "Fontanka" was published, a well-known Russian mercenary Stanislav Shustrov, call sign Engineer, former artillery commander of 'Prizrak' mercenary unit, wrote about Wagner on his Facebook page. Shustrov announced that the contract murder of Bednov was committed by Wagner:

"Wagner's name is Dmitry. … We participated in several operations together. He got a fragment to his liver in summer 2014, many of his guys were killed. After recovering, Wagner returned to service. The unit increased a bit. Many of sabotage operations in winter of 2014-2015 in the "LPR" were his people's job.

"I do not possess correct information about his (Bednov's) killing. It is highly probable that Wagner's people participated in it. They were given an order as the only combat-ready unit (in this matter) …"

Shustrov knows what he's saying - himself being a military mercenary, Russian soldier, who had a high position in the "LPR" command and obtained a rank of "'LPR' lieutenant colonel." It's funny that he wrote in his post that all of this information can be published. However, no one did, and Engineer himself later deleted the post. Of course, I have made a screen shot of it, so I am granting the author's request and publish it.


Information about Wagner shows and proves that the Donbas war was started by the groups of the 'green men' - professional Russian military mercenaries. These mercenaries are real rulers of the Donbas, while plotnitskiys and zakharchenkos are only a cover for Russian secret services. Wagner's killers would eliminate anyone messing with the Kremlin puppeteers of the "people's republics." Nothing personal - just business.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r381743