Attempt on Oleksandr Ruvin – high-profile cases expert badly wounded

Author: Yurii Butusov

Three bullets for Oleksandr Ruvin, chief forensic expert of Ukraine in the MH17 downing process, organizer of key legal expertise in criminal proceedings, head of expert groups on deaths of Ukrainian soldiers in Ilovaisk and in IL-76.

I agreed to meet Oleksandr Ruvin yesterday; he wanted to tell me something. But when I called him, his wife picked up and said that Oleksandr Hryhorovych was in emergency room; a surgery underway, he was unconscious.

On Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. the director of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Sciences (KSRIFS) was getting out of his car in Obolon disctrict, at a crowded place, when an unidentified person shot at him several times. Ruvin was seriously wounded. Two bullets hit his leg; the third broke his pelvis bones. Ruvin fell down, and the criminal stopped shooting for some reason. Possibly, he had been scared away. Due to massive blood loss Ruvin's condition was grave, but he was delivered to an emergency room. A surgery has been conducted; his life is out of threat as of now. However, the pelvis bullet is still there, for removing poses threats at the moment.

No doubt that this shocking attack against the state expert is related to his professional activity, especially expertise on the most high-profile criminal cases.

The killer did not voice any threats. They can say he was not intended to be killed, for he had only been wounded, but there are other means to face down. Assault weapon is not a popgun. The wounds caused a massive blood loss, and if the arteries had been damaged and no help provided, he would have died. If this is a warning, then it's addressed not only to Ruvin, but also to the rest of forensic experts.

The attempt at Ruvin might become a serious problem for the state, for he plays a key role in Ukrainian part of the MH17 downing investigation.


Oleksand Ruvin is the only bomb disposal expert with international certificate in Ukraine. He is Ukrainian representative in the international commission on investigation of the Malaysian Boeing downing and he was the one to present the position of Ukraine at all meetings, uncovering manipulations by Russian experts. The importance of KSRIFS work cannot be overstated - all expert conclusions, video, and presentations on the case were done under Ruvin. KSRIFS was the place where biochemical analysis of the Russian Buk's warhead had been done, as well as expertise of military parts of all Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles and air-to-air missiles, which expertise proved Ukraine's noninvolvement in the crime. His expert conclusions are the basis for the Dutch prosecution in this case. And the investigation continues - Ukraine is sending a set of material evidence on the case to the Netherlands in coming days.

KSRIFS is the main expert institution that provides expertise on high-profile cases in Ukraine. Some of its expertise is unique for the country and has no analogues.

I met Oleksandr Hryhorovych when became a part of the forensic experts group investigating into the Ilovaisk tragedy.

Ruvin was the head of our group of military tactic expertise - KSRIFS is authorized to conduct expertise of this kind. It turned out that the institute's director was a professional military who participated in the Afghan war as platoon commander, was wounded there, and later commanded a brigade. Ruvin made a huge contribution to the military tactical expertise, which made a cold evaluation to the Aug. 29, 2014 death of at least 350 Ukrainian soldiers entrapped in Ilovaisk. The expertise conclusions, confirmed by 20 military including acting employees of the Ministry of Defense, caused streams of lies by PR-agencies hired for reestablishing reputation of the Ukrainian Army General Staff leadership, and Viktor Muzhenko and Viktor Nazarov personally. There have been numerous attempts to disrupt the expertise. The military tactic expertise on Ilovaisk allows trying the General Staff leadership for their actions, and this trial will definitely take place.

Ruvin was also an expert to several high-profile cases, including than of the IL-76 crash in the Luhansk airport, which killed 49 military.

The experts to this case were directly and illegally pressured by the General Staff leadership. Military pilots-experts on the case were threatened to be killed if they did not amend their testimony which proves the guilt of the ATO Chief of Staff General Nazarov, who had violated all security requirements.

Colonel Viktor Lukianchuk testified in the Prosecutor General's Office that the leadership of the General Staff was threatening him illegally at the parliamentary committee on security and defense meeting.

The authorities and Nazarov's lawyers have been dragging the submission of the matter to court, but the Superior specialized court yesterday decided that the trial to be held in Pavlohrad. This means that Nazarov will have to face the consequences, and Ruvin's expertise will be a key argument in the case.

Censor.NET has been aiding the Prosecutor General's Office in collecting evidence against some well-known separatists who are now subjects to criminal investigation. Expertise on the cases has been also conducted by KSRIFS.

The attempt on Ruvin is a direct threat to conducting high-profile criminal processes and a challenge to the law enforcement system of Ukraine. I hope that the Interior Ministry and the Security Service of Ukraine will do their best to find the criminal who shot at Oleksandr Ruvin. There are grounds to suspect state officials of involvement in this crime, and other versions are possible.

I hope doctors will do their best for the bullet extraction and elimination of the threat to Oleksandt Hryhorovych's life.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r361521