”A heart black as coal” - Swedish volunteer in Ukraine calls to boycott Ukrainian pianist supporting Donbas terrorists

Author: Mikael Skillt

I would like to beg Ukraine of forgiveness for the cowardliness of my fellow Swedes. Most of us are willing to do what is right, no matter what the cost is.

"A heart black as coal"

We all know the famous Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa who plays like a goddess. Her music can turn even the most hardened men to soft boys. But Valentina also has a darker side - a heart that is black as coal and a loathing for Ukraine surpassed only by the most hateful pro-Russian fighters in the Donbas. I, personally, love her music but I cannot stand listening to it anymore due to the way she turned it ugly when she used her fame to advocate hatred against Ukraine. It makes me sick the way she attempted to portrait the terrorists of the separatist "people's republics" as heroes despite the fact they committed the most atrocious and heinous crimes against the captured defenders of Ukraine. It just makes me plain sick.

Normally, I wouldn't care less about such awful people as Valentina, if it wasn't for two things - I love her music, AND she had been invited to play in Sweden. It saddens me a great deal because I have always taken pride in seeing Sweden as a country with high moral values, something expressed by our previous and current government when they gave their full support to a struggling Ukraine almost being overrun by an invading Russian force. Considering the massive amount of Russian propaganda pointed toward Sweden as well as the Russian military treats I couldn't, not even in my wildest dreams, see a Russian megaphone being invited to Sweden without questions being raised about her hateful comments towards Ukraine. Sure, some journalists voiced their concerns, but it all ended there, with the head of the city council refusing to take any action and the CEO of the symphony orchestra going along, stating that she would be playing in the city of Norrköping.

My first idea was to call for massive demonstrations outside the Swedish embassy in Ukraine to show that many of us are deeply concerned and saddened over this farce, but when I calmed down a bit, I realized that they are not the ones to blame. Our Swedish ambassador in Kyiv has always been a true supporter of Ukraine and the same goes for the rest of the staff who have been very helpful when we had to take the body of the first Swedish volunteer fighter home to his funeral after being killed while fighting for a free and independent Ukraine.

But what I can do, is to ask all of you to at least send an email to the CEO of Symphony orchestra of Norrköping (karin.veres@son.norrkoping.se) and the chairman of the Norrköping city council to show your disapproval for their cowardly behavior. I will forward my own letter (cited below) that I will send together with the present article to the Swedish press and though my hopes are not high I will at least show that their actions are disgraceful in these harsh times.

"Dear Karin Veres COE of SON and Lars Stjernkvist (S), Head of Norrköping City Council,

As a Swede living in Ukraine it grieves me enormously that the two of you refuse to raise the slightest of critic against Valentina Lisitsa performing, despite the fact that the above mentioned person slandered a whole country and praised those responsible for terror and murder in Eastern Ukraine. The two of you bring shame to all of us Swedes who have come to see Ukraine as our home and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will see the flaws of your ways and raise your voices against the hatred spread by Valentina Lisitsa.

Best regards,

Mikael Skillt"

Before I end this article I would also like to take the time to beg Ukraine of forgiveness for the cowardliness of my fellow countrymen and insure you that few of us are like them. As I hope you will believe, these two are a minority among the Swedish people and most of us are willing to do what is right, no matter what the cost is.

So, for those of you wishing to send a letter and support a cause, here are the e-mails:

lars.stjernkvist@norrkoping.se (Lars Stjernkvist, Chairman of city council)
karin.veres@son.norrkoping.se (CEO of SON, Symphony orchestra of Norrköping)

P.S. Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Mikael Skillt, Swedish volunteer, for Censor.NET

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