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 $1.4 billion from Yanukovych’s accounts could be used in Ukraine’s budget. The Rada should get involved.

Author: Yurii Butusov

Task #1 for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Anti-corruption Bureau at the moment is to confiscate the money and property of Yanukovych’s family and close people, as well as those of the terrorists’ allies.

According to Censor.NET sources close to Ukrainian Special Forces, $1.42 billion is currently frozen at Yanukovych's family bank accounts in Ukraine. I again say this - the amount is confirmed and documented. This means additional receipts. What can be bought with $1.42 billion? The whole army could be equipped. All armored vehicles could be repaired. New armored vehicles could be bought.

And this is just a part of the funds. According to Censor.NET's sources close to Ukrainian Special Forces, the total amount of funds stolen by the Yanukovych family during 2010-2014 is more than $15 billion.

Maybe time has come that our Army is funded not only with donations and taxes from the people, but also with money confiscated from the criminals who brought Ukraine to the war and devastation?

Today, a draft bill #1569 was registered in the Rada by order of the Prime Minister Yatseniuk, which draft adds to the Article 209 (laundering of income) and 255 (formation of a criminal organization). If it comes into effect, there will be legal grounds for confiscation of property of those convicted.

What should be URGENTLY done by the Verkhovna Rada, Prosecutor's Office, and the Cabinet:

1. A hearing of the Anti-corruption Committee should be hold, where they would disclose how they investigate cases regarding Yanukovych's gang and explain why all assets of the gang have not yet been arrested.

2. Prosecution to decide to transfer all arrested funds and property FOR TEMPORARY USE by the Ukraine's government for the period of investigation and trial.

3. The money should not be transferred to the Defense ministry directly. Firstly, they have inadequate procedures of money distribution; secondly, the Joint Staff is helpless; thirdly, the money should be distributed by those who proved to be effective, i.e. the volunteers. NON-GOVERNMENTAL "ATO Aid Foundation" should be set, where all the money and property should be transferred in full.

4. I would have created the "ATO Aid Foundation" based on the 565 Fund (used to collect donations for the Army at the beginning of the Anti-Terrorist Operation - ed.). The technology (money is withdrawn from the phone account by sending text message or giving a call to the 565 number - ed.) and the number are popular and known, it's just that the people no longer trust the asset managers.

5. Criminal proceedings which must result in complete asset and property confiscation from the Yanukovych gang should be sped up. Strict and permanent control by the Parliament is vital here.

6. The issue of why there were more assets under arrest in June, according to the Prosecutor's Office, than there are now, according to Censor.NET's sources, should be investigated.

7. Urgently, next week, the draft bill #1569 should be discussed and voted in the Parliament as of top priority.

The government is planning how to increase taxes - ok, but show us the plan of how to confiscate money from the criminals as well.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r317559