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 Shooting of the 'Nebesna Sotnia' at Maidan – Censor.NET’s version

Author: Yurii Butusov

In the period from January to February of 2014, over 100 people were shot dead at the peaceful protests on Kyiv’s Euromaidan (altogether referred to as Nebesna Sotnia, the Heavenly Hundred – ed.). The investigation is far from making any conclusions, so Censor.NET’s chief editor Yurii Butusov made his own based on the website’s sources: most of the killings on Feb. 20 were committed by a group of special forces soldiers under captain Dmytro Sadovnyk.

This was a special squadron with a special antiterrorist training, which followed direct orders from "Berkut" Kyiv chief Kusiuk. Kusiuk and Sadovnyk personally selected loyal and well-trained people for the squadron.

It was the Sadovnyk's company that received an order on Feb. 11 to seize the Kyiv City Administration bulding (which was then controlled by the protesters - ed.). The operation failed due to active position of Kyiv citizens, who circled "Berkut" around the building. In the morning, tens of thousands of people arrived to the Maidan, and Sadovnyk was allowed to retire. "Berkut" was taken away from the building, but as punishment for not seizing it, the soldiers were kept wet (they were douched by the people from water cannons - ed.) in cold buses for more than 10 hours.

Sadovnyk's squadron took part in an attempt to clear up Maidan on Feb. 18-20. They were given illegal weapons - Kalashnikovs of 7.62 mm caliber - in order so that the unauthorized weapons could not be identified. They received an order to shoot anyone from the Maidan who was armed. They did not fear the responsibility - they were sure that no one will set them up.


At 9 a.m. unarmed people from Maidan started to relocate to Europeiska Square and Instytutska street. They acted chaotically, people were arriving to Maidan from different parts of Ukraine, and they did not want to simply stand. People were no longer afraid of sounds of flashbang grenades, and retreat of internal troops to Europeiska Square turned to flight - the control was lost, and more than 60 soldiers and officers were taken captive by unarmed people.

But regarding the Instytutska street (beginning of the government quarter in Kyiv - ed.) Kusiuk was given the task to defend the presidential administration and the government quarter at all costs.

When people began to run up to the top of the barricade at the "Khreshchatyk" station (mid-Instytutska street - ed.), Sadovnyk's group regarded this as an entrapment and a breakthrough, and they were ordered to shoot to kill.

It is likely that the shots were made by snipers as well.

Most likely, a group of special forces for strengthening physical protection of the Office of State Guard, the elite special forces of then-president Yanukovych also participated in shooting at the people on Instytutska.

The coordinator of special units applied at Instytutska was the head of Yanukovych's security Konstantin Kobzar. He ordered snipers to use weapons without command and shoot at anyone armed.

стрельба беркут грушевского

Almost all of these special forces officers are still on service, and some continue to head the Special Forces units. "Berkut" soldiers who served together with Sadovnyk are also still on service.

I believe it is necessary to fire from those fulfilling Yanukovych's orders on the Maidan from any leading positions the special forces. Those guilty should form a separate detachment and be sent on intelligence tasks in the ATO area. This will be the only possible test of patriotism. Not standing at checkpoints, but the real work in the enemy's rear and at the front line.

And a commission of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada together with an investigative team should investigate the killings at the Maidan, including the version I set out here. Without the participation of deputies, Vitalii Yarema (active prosecutor general - ed.) is unable to bring the case to court. The general prosecutor's office is highly incompetent.

For those currently at power, this will be a huge shame if they do not have at least a version of Maidan killings by their first anniversary (in January-February 2015 - ed.) and do not identify those guilty and make the list public.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r316496