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 Zelenskyi's tapegate: Truba's conversations recorded in his cabinet leaked

Author: Юрий Бутусов

On the telegram channel "Trubu prorvalo" were published recordings of conversations of the head of the State Investigation Bureau in his office.

Zelenskyis tapegate: Trubas conversations recorded in his cabinet leaked 01

Records of conversations are laid out in such amount that it is obvious - this is not a fake. This is a real wiretap. As confirmed by "Censor.NET" sources.

There are several episodes on the records:

1. Roman Truba, by phone and SMS from Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka and head of the Office of the President Andrii Bohdan, instructs to suspend searches during the visit of the IMF to the Dniepro City Council, Privatbank and NBU.

2. Cases against Poroshenko, which is conducted by the State Security Bureau, are managed by the OP and are personally controlled by Bohdan.

3. On September 19, according to Truba, the president set him the task of opening cases on specific government structures and industries, then he will work after December 31.

4. The director of NABU, Artem Sytnik, calls Truba and informs that on the scandalous recordings of conversations in the office of judge Vovk, Truba deputies appear.

5. The draft suspicion of the ex-acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun Truba, he said, drove personally to the president.
The head of the manufacturer of sleeping bags for the Ministry of Defense, Mykhailo Nemirovskyi, discussed with Truba the course of the investigation on procurement in the army in order to avoid scandal.

So what does this mean?

Legally in Ukraine for the time being - zero, because wiretapping was hardly conducted legally. But the next government will theoretically be able to order an examination of the records and bring the persons involved to criminal liability, especially if some of the witnesses confirm the veracity of the conversations.

But politically - this is a disaster. Andrii Bogdan is not a civil servant and does not have the right to receive information about the progress of the investigation, and even more so - he does not have the right to influence the investigation. Suspicions of this may lead to a criminal case.

And now you cannot prove to Western diplomats and a significant part of Ukrainian society that resonant affairs are not politically motivated. Records show that things are opened and promoted by the team of OP. So, what kind of justice, what principles can we talk about? In whose interests does the Dnipro City Council and Privatbank shake the public sector?

What actions should be done?

  1. President Zelenskyi has a choice - to act like an old Ukrainian politician - that is, pretend that there are no entries, not comment and "get off." Or act like Lee Kuan Yew - that is, to make a public statement, give his assessment of the facts, give an order to investigate the authenticity of the recordings and events with the participation of his "three friends." Because otherwise the stigma of the political order from all the mentioned cases will not be washed, and this will lead to undermining confidence in the state and the government as a whole.
    Director of NABU Artem Sytnyk should make a statement - was there such a fact of conversation. And if there was, then NABU, without any commands, is obliged to open a criminal case against Truba.
    Statements and fractions of the Verkhovna Rada should follow - the creation of a deputy investigative commission is necessary, it is necessary to conduct an actual verification of conversations on the record.
    All persons involved in the conversations should evaluate whether the stated facts correspond to the real circumstances of the investigation of which they are aware.

By Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET.

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