Russian Army and Special Forces of Russian Federation at War against Ukraine

Censor.NET received a report by Ukrainian special forces about dislocation of Russian troops in Ukraine. SBU revealed full structure of Russian groups in the Donbas, Crimea, and the Rostov region. Exact military units, which currently participate in the Russian invasion, are indicated. This information is confirmed by intelligence and analysts.

Russia keeps denying the fact of its army being on the territory of Ukraine. Such persistence should not surprise. Earlier, during the so-called 'referendum' in Crimea and subsequent occupation of the peninsula, Vladimir Putin had attempted many times to convince Ukrainians and the whole world that the Russian army did not take part in those events. Not so long ago he in fact admitted that the Russian army "blocked the Ukrainian army deployed in the Crimea."

These days, the evidence of Russian invasion to Ukraine is published daily. Censor.NET received data on quantity of Russian troops in the Rostov region and the occupied Crimea, on number of Russian military equipment in the Donbas, and on location of intelligence centers of GRU operating against Ukraine.

According to the report of the intelligence, at least 35 Russian air defense systems are located in the Donbas.


Russsian troops on the territorry of the occupied Crimea are ready to invade Ukraine.


Russian troops in the Rostov region.


Russian special forces are also operating against Ukraine.


The GRU intelligence centers working against Ukraine

• The Moscow Intelligence Center (military unit 46188) - dislocated in Moscow (Sokolniki microdistrict, 10/27, Matroskaya Tishina Street) on the territory of the military unit 25969.

• 2nd operational unit of the Moscow Intel Center (military unit 46188-II) - dislocated in Kursk town (23, Blinov Str.) on the territory of Kursk Scientific and Research Institute of the Russian MoD. The Unit's operational mission - human intelligence in the northern regions of Ukraine.

• 3rd operational unit of the Moscow Intel Center (military unit 46188-ІІІ) - dislocated in Voronezh town (4-a, Matrosova Str.) on the territory of the Voronezh Aviation University training center. The Unit's operational mission - human intelligence in the central regions of Ukraine.

• 4th operational unit of the Moscow Intel Center (military unit 46188- IV) - dislocated in the military town #29 in Tver town (29, Bobkov Str.) on the territory of the 79th Guards Rocket Artillery Brigade (military unit 53956). The unit is using the premises of the local Garrison's Military Traffic Inspection as an operational cover.

•78th Intelligence Center (military unit 35555) - Rostov-on-Don outskirts (22 Sadova Str.) in the premises of military base no.4., under the cover of 175th Control Brigade (military unit 01957) of the Southern Military Command.

•1st Separate Operational Group of the 78th IC - up to March 2014 on the territory of ARC, under the cover of Russian military bases in the Crimea.

• 2nd Separate Operational Group of the 78th IC - stationed in Sochi, under the cover of commandant's office of the local military base (14-a Severnaya Str.)

• 3rd Separate Operational Group of the 78th IC - in the premises of the 7th military base of Russian Defense Ministry in Abkhazia, also under the cover of Air Force base 686 (military unit 36660), Babusher air field.

• Krasnodar Intelligence Center (military unit 62986) - in the premises of former Krasnodar Military Academy of Missile Forces, territory of Krasnodar military base no.3 (267 Severnaya Str.), under the cover of "10th Publishing House of Russian Defense Ministry."

• Separate Operations Group of Krasnodar IC - in the premises of Khankala Russian military base in Chechnya, under the cover of the HQ of 18th OMSBR (separate motorised rifle brigade 27777) of 58th Army;
• Separate Operations Group of Krasnodar IC - in the premises of Russia's 4th military base in Southern Ossetia.

FSB units that participate in hostilities against Ukraine

• Regional FSB Administrations and Military CI in adjacent to Ukraine regions;

• Field investigation units of the Border Guard Service (Rostov, Belgorod, Kursk, Briansk regions);

• Military CI units in Russia's Transdniestria Military Corps;

• Separate FSB units for Black Sea Fleet protection;

• 'Alfa' and ' Vympel ' special ops units;

• FSB undercover structures.
• Intelligence work against Ukraine is carried out by FSB's Operations and International Communications Service (5th Service).

• Counter-intelligence work against Ukraine is carried out by CI Operations Department (DKRO) of FSB's 1 st Service (CI Service).

The report also emphasizes the role of the External Intelligence Service (EIS)

"Powerful efforts of Russian EIS are focused on pro-Russian humanitarian entities in order to support Russian foreign political influence over Ukraine and "protect the interests" of Russian-speaking people in Ukraine.

For the purpose of conducting information and PSYOPS, EIS uses controlled news agencies, TV channels, Internet sources, as well as some printed media.

• Aggressive intelligence by means of analytical cover structures, whose members are creating networks of the so-called 'confidents' from among domestic journalists, political scientists, and experts who are paid to covertly prepare information materials on the situation in Ukraine specifically focused on topics determined by the Russian side.

• Russian EIS is continuously directing its intelligence efforts towards religious sphere. They are intending to use the religious factor to retain Ukraine within its sphere of influence.

• Guided consolidation of pro-Russia socio-political unions is carried out by means of funding through the program of support to Russian expats," the report reads.


Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r313320