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Author: Y. Butusov

The anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas is a military Maidan. The achievements, the progress, the liberated towns and villages resulted from the heroism of specific soldiers, officers, and commanders. Every place where we stand our ground under fire of the Russian Grads and Uragans is being held by self-sacrifice of specific people.

Just like the heroes of the Heaven Hundred held the barricades on Instytutska and on the Maidan, the Ukrainian army is holding under the fire of the Russian military colossus, and even causes huge losses to it.

Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov writes on his Facebook page:

The ATO military chiefs, the Defense Ministry, some of the General Staff personnel - this clumsy military bureaucracy - did not show any art or professionalism; they were busy drawing arrows on the map, unfortunately, without any understanding of the abilities and the actual fighting qualities of their troops. The real motivation of the armed forces is not a career, and not the ridiculous salary. The ATO forces are indeed the best armed portion of the Ukrainian people. Because what is happening is indeed a war waged by the people. We are witnessing the people's rear, the mobilization by the people, and the army created by the people fighting against the invasion, against the Kremlin aggression. This is not the army of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense: the Russian agents greatly dismantled the military system, which is now being reborn despite all obstacles and by the will of the people. And we need a Chief of Staff and a Defense Minister who understand that this is not the President they will have to answer to for the life of every soldier, not the President who makes them responsible for every operation to date, for the quality of its organization, and for its expediency. They are accountable to the people! To each mother, to each family of the dead and wounded, to each soldier and officer who went on a campaign for Ukraine against all odds and without basic prerequisites like combat training, supply, and organization .

We currently do not have a professional army, we do not have a professional state. But we have the most important thing: the people ready to die and to give their most treasured to build such a state and such an army.

Thus, the most burning reform on the agenda is to make the Defense Ministry and the General Staff effective. The main criterion for the effectiveness of the new leadership of the Defense Ministry and General Staff hopefully to be appointed in the nearest future is foremost attention to the soldiers, the officers, and the staff; building the army from motivated soldiers and commanders, who should be promoted as much as possible; maximum appreciation of the work done by the volunteers, and constant feedback from the families. The principal figure of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense should be the FIGHTER, and the Comptroller General - the PEOPLE. The effective military reforms won't start until the leaders work out the right system of priorities in their heads. It will be followed by the reforms of the state system. Because if such reforms are not implemented by the authorities, the people will displace them.

That is what the defenders of Ukraine are giving their lives for. Not for the money, not for a business, not for the sake of geopolitics, but for the future of their loved ones, for the happiness of all of us, for the future of Ukraine.

Yurii Butusov

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