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 After Ilovaisk Heletei and Muzhenko Must Be Kicked Out of the Army!

Author: Y. Butusiv

How insanely hard it is... To see, to ask, to write and not be able to change anything ... But now we must change everything. For a long time not only me but other people - including officers and soldiers tried to convey simple, logical demands regarding the response to the Russian advance to the ATO command and the Ministry of Defense.

We do not need riots, protests, curses. This will not happen if the government itself takes the initiative, takes responsibility, and makes the following balanced and logical steps:

1. I ask that tomorrow the Commander-in-Chief consider the possibility of an immediate and objective analysis of the causes of criminal acts and lack of action of the ATO and Ministry of Defense command in connection with the heavy losses of the Ukrainian troops during anti-terrorist operation, as well as the reasons for which the command ATO did not give the order for a timely departure of the troops from sector B from the encirclement at Ilovaisk despite the repeated appeals by Lieutenant-General Khomchak, despite appeals by Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Turchynov on August 24 and in the following days. As well as the organization of interaction of the troops and combat use during attempts to break through the encirclement.

I'm sure it's a step worthy of a strong authority and responsible government leader.

2. I think on the next session the day it would be sensible for the Parliament to create a parliamentary committee, which - closed to the public - would investigate these events that occurred in sector, and the actions of the ATO command as well as its action in sector D in July and August, which also caused heavy losses of our troops.

Following the investigation, the General Staff and the Defense Ministry leadership must receive the appropriate public procedural evaluation.

These decisions do not contain any panic and hysteria. Since the Second World War, every modern army conducted an official investigation into the cases of large losses, in democratic countries these investigations are conducted under the control of the Parliament. As a result of military defeats incompetent commanders are sacked, the control system, which led to defeat is changed.

Ilovaisk entrapment is a defeat. It must be honestly admitted to correct the fatal errors that were committed. To promptly demolish the old ridiculous military administrative machine, and build an effective defense system power. We have everything to protect ourselves.

When they say we have no other generals - it is a blatant lie. We have a lot of great and worthy commanders who proved in their military prowess in battles. If you don't want generals - appoint colonels, lieutenant colonels. But they must be professionals that have proved their talent, who cherish the SOLDIER'S LIVES! Responsibility for life shall not be entrusted to the military bureaucrats but to people who behave with dignity and are able to learn. Who understand the importance of logistics and organization. Who cherish hardware and equipment and know how to use it. Who are engaged in war, not politics, writing up victorious reports and raising of flags. We need generals who do not hide from responsibility, and do not run away from their troops, who are not afraid to go to the front line, who do not steal but share their bread with the soldiers, who are competent managers and organizers of military construction. We need commanders who have respect and authority entrusted to them by personnel!

The guilty ones in Ilovaisk tragedy are well known and obvious. I wrote about this many times. I'll wait for the results of the investigation and the results of the criminal case. But as a citizen, I will say this:

Valerii Heletei and Viktor Muzhenko as well as other senior executives of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense responsible for the destruction and high losses as a result of the Russian invasion ...

Out of the army!

Go and carry the coffins and help the relatives of dead soldiers, maybe then you will deserve to even shake hands when you meet people ...

Yurii Butusov

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