The Dark Side of the LPR: This Time Without Cakes

Author: Nadiya Palyvoda

I have read some interviews with the people who managed to get free from terrorists, for example, Nastia Stanko, the journalist of Hromadske TV. I must say that in our society right now we have some information disbalance. In the words of captured people, terrorists are not bad guys generally, they are just misinformed by the Russian propaganda, so we must understand and forgive them.

But we forgot that we are dealing with murderers. You see, some people were captured for selling or exchanging, they were treated well during detention, so after that they told everybody that terrorists treat their prisoners quite well. But those who were treated badly will never tell about it. They can only keep silent about it. These people are local patriots, they were captured with the only purpose to murder just because of their pro-Ukrainian position. Because occupants' task is to kill everything Ukrainian in there.

We believe in Nastia Stanko's report, in which she says that one day terrorists fed them with a cake, "because some guy from the LPR had his birthday." We forget that right now they are murdering somebody.

Oleksander Mangush is the man who kidnapped to be killed. He got out from a LPR prison accidentally. That's why this interview is quite different from the trend.

Oleksander organized the Luhansk Hundred to protect people during pro-Ukrainian meetings, to patrol streets and official buildings. The Hundred consisted of 300 members. Soon they got problems like threats, beatings, and stab wounds. One man was pushed down from the 4th floor. Since May, in Luhansk people were afraid to gather for pro-Ukrainian rallies, so the Hundred stopped its activity.

On June 12, 2014, at 8:00 pm a permanent member of Ukrainian meetings Artem Skliarov called to Oleksander and invited him for a meeting - he said he had some news from Kyiv.

− I approached Artem on the street, and at the same moment three armed men in camouflages appeared from the nearest car, shooting near my feet. They knocked me down and started to beat me by their rifles and took all the things from my pockets and put me into the car. There they went on beating me and threatened to cut off my ear if I wouldn't tell my home address.

− Why were they looking for your house?

− I think they expected to find some weapons. A few of them broke into my flat, picked off Ukrainian flags from the walls, took away jewelry, household goods, my computer (my mother told me later about that). They stayed for 20 minutes in my flat, all this time the man who stayed with me, continued to beat me. Then the terrorists brought me to the building of the Luhansk Department of the Security Service of Ukraine. There were a lot of hostages in this building, they were everywhere − in cellars, on the roof, in offices, in residential rooms, warehouses.

−Did they also put you into a cell?

− No, they pulled me to the second floor, into a room, where several armed bandits waited for me. So they started to beat me together with those who brought me here. They beat me with hands, legs, riffles, asking who pays me money, where are the main positions of the Ukrainian Army, about Right Sector's activity. They called me a fascist. I started to lose consciousness, they pulled me into a cellar and locked me in a room with three another hostages.

− Were there any furniture to lie down or sit?

− I remember some wardrobes, three tables and one chair, that's all. Buckets and bottles in the corner served as a toilet. But I didn't stay there long, in 20 minutes they pulled me upstairs again.

− The same people?

− No, another people and into another room. 7 or 8 bandits began to beat me and put out cigarettes on my skin. After 20 minutes of beating, a man came into the room with a device. He coiled a wire around my hands and started to torture me with an electric shock. They wanted me to tell them where units of the Ukrainian forces are deployed and home addresses of other Luhansk activists. They said I was involved in coordinating airstrikes on Luhansk administrative building, because I made signals with a laser.

− Did you tell them any information?

− I told nothing because all the questions were absolutely stupid. And I was not going to tell about other activists. When I started to lose consciousness again, they pulled me to the same cellar. In half an hour two men took me to a gym. There they beat out of me some information about financing by the USA. They were beating me with a piece of thick cable and with a cossack whip, throwing a pack of sand or cement on my head, it was very heavy. When I couldn't speak again because of unconsciousness, they took me to the cellar again. So they made about 15 interrogations with me during my imprisonment.

− How long were you in captivity?

− I spent day and night there, but it seemed to me like a week. Once I was told to be ready to die, because Bolotov, the head of the LPR, signed a decree on my execution.

− But how did you managed to avoid this?

− I understood that later. But at that time, a man entered the cellar and ordered me to walk silently through the corridor. Near the toilet he ordered me to wash my face, then he took me on the street and put into a car, where other two bandits were. We got to a park, men ordered me to stand near a ruined building and not to move because a sniper would kill me. They were standing in the distance. I started to guess that it didn't look like execution, but still couldn't believe in that. I finally believed in that only when in 20 minutes my father came, he hugged me, we got into a car and moved from there, right to the railway station. There I met my mother and, while father was buying tickets, I went with mom to her friends, where I could wash myself from dirt and blood and get clean clothes. We couldn't stay in Luhansk any longer, so right after this we left for Kyiv.

− So why did the terrorists change their mind to shoot you?

− It's good that the world is full of not only ideological people, but also simple swindlers. They just took a ransom for me. They stole me from their own leaders, telling all the others, that they are convoying me to kill, and secretly sold me for $60 thousand. They ordered me to go abroad immediately.

− 60 thousand dollars are big money. Where did your family find them so quickly? And is the amount equal for everybody?

− No, they usually demand $10 thousand, and $20 thousand for businessmen. I cost $60 thousand, because the order for my execution was signed. So, it was not an official price. Well, we sold our apartment to get this money. Now we don't have home and we spent our last money to rent an apartment in Kyiv.

− What about your heath after "speaking" with terrorists? Did you visit a doctor? Any broken bones?

− Ribs, kidneys, brain concussion, contusion of soft tissues. All this stuff. Everything will be fine. This is not for the first time for me. I have got only one rib broken, others are just cracked.

− So, what will you do? Without money, job, far away from native city…

− We still have some pasta, so it's ok. I found a job in a travel agency, but I will start at the end of summer. By that time I have take special courses to prepare for it. We'll get through all of that. Because we don't have any other choice.


Here I give the number of Oleksander's bank card. I think, you understand me.

5168 7572 5785 3483 Мангуш Олександр Олександрович

And the main thing: his friend Oleksander Dobylev has been captured by terrorists a few days ago. He is also a patriot and a member of the Luhansk Hundred.

I wrote this article to make you understand what does it mean to be captured by terrorists. There'll be no cakes.

He was captured a few days ago during his visit to an ATB supermarket in Luhansk. He worked in this shop as a deputy manager and was going to quit. The director of ATB handed him over to members of the LPR right there, in the supermarket.

Oleksander Mangush: " I want to mention that Oleksander Dobylev who was captured by the LPR terrorists, was never hiding his patriotism and often had quarrels with other ATB supermarket workers. Some of them even threatened toharm him physically for his patriotic position. Dobylev came to Luhansk to quit the job and to take his salary. When wecalled to the supermarket, a guard told that he's gone, but soon hetold the truth that Oleksander was arrested by the LPR. Than we talked with director of ATB Lubov Poliakova, who said she's not responsible for any FORMER workers. It became clear that Dobylev was fired just 10 minutes before he was arrested. We asked to give us videos from surveillance cameras, but Lubov Poliakova started shouting and threatened to call the LPR, then she hung up the phone. Oleksander has a wife and little daughter."

Yesterday we found out that the director of ATB called to the LPR bandits to tell them that Dobylev was connected with the Right Sector, since somebody called and threatened her. The terrorists came to search Dobylev's apartment and found a red-and-black flag there, the flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

Today his brother went to speak with the terrorists about his release, but the brother was also captured with his car and there is no connection with him.

Now the only thing that can help these boys is publicity and attracting attention. Sometimes it happens that simply sharing an information on FB saves a human life.

Nadiya Palyvoda


Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r293315