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 Blinded by Life Term: Yanukovych Wants to Destroy Tymoshenko

Author: A. Irchenko

We are dealing with a situation when personal revenge of Yanukovych became a priority domestic policy. This is, by and large, the only clear point of his political program - to do everything to ensure Tymoshenko’s imprisonment under any pretext. The fact that the release of Tymoshenko is directly related to removal from power or loss of the elections by Yanukovych is indisputable.

It's time for politicians from the EU and the U.S. to understand the simple truth - any attempt to establish a dialogue with the current Ukrainian authorities on the fate of Tymoshenko is bound to fail. At the moment, her fate is in the hands of one man - Victor Yanukovych, and he does not intend to help her release. On the contrary, he resorts to any means to ensure that if not her will, then her health is destroyed. Prosecutor General's Office and Penitentiary Service have been at this task for a year and a half now.

Behavior model of the PGO and jailers is predictable, although the actions themselves are still capable of causing considerable surprise. You may recall that as soon as there appeared information about the beating of Tymoshenko with proving photographs, there was immediate leak of a video recording allegedly from Tymoshenko's cell. Evidence of the relationship of these events is undoubtful - it was a very clumsy attempt to divert the attention of Ukrainians and the world community from the situation with the beating of Tymoshenko. However, the movie's fake nature was confirmed by Censor.NET photographer and journalists of other media.

Something similar happened last week. As soon as Tymoshenko's defense said that the opposition leader was pumped with some drugs, after which she was unable to even recognize her lawyers, the PGO began strongly distracting attention from the event. "We will demand an investigation into the incident. We will demand an answer, what happened, what medications were given, what are the drugs given to her for that she did not recognize anyone," said Serhii Vlasenko. He is also troubled by the fact that Tymoshenko "had been pumped so much medicine that she did not recognize the people she knew." Vlasenko said that the European Court of Human Rights will be sent the statement of female deputies Oleksandra Kuzhel, Liudmyla Denysova, and Tetiana Sliuz who "saw with their own eyes what was going on."

In response to such harsh accusations Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka hastily assembled a briefing. His spontaneity can be judged from the fact that the editors of news agencies were called and invited to the meeting only an hour in advance. Its crowning glory was the Pshonka's statement that the PGO believes that Tymoshenko is one of the people who ordered the murder of Yevhen Shcherban and that the corresponding article provides for life imprisonment. Thus, the government is not even trying to hide their true intentions. Viktor Yanukovych is personally interested that Tymoshenko remains in prison. And that's that. And to get things done, he is ready to take any steps. One of these steps is an attempt to hang Shcherban's murder on her. The accusation puzzled people from the start - in the West, as well as in the ranks of the Party of Regions.

The Regions Yurii Boldyrev in a commentary to Censor.NET said that Shcherban knew those who wanted to kill him. "By the way, he (Scherban) did not mention Tymoshenko's name then. We did not know that she even existed in the world. She emerged much later. In 1995 we have not even heard of such a name. That is, he quite specifically said that, without a doubt, this was Lazarenko. And then that he would be next. I was taken aback. I told him: "Zhenya, if you know that you're next, if you know who it is, why don't you find a way for an agreement?" "No. I can't. They have already decided everything," he said. This "they" was the biggest mystery. Except Lazarenko, there were some well-known people in this "they" but their names, of course, I cannot repeat now... It may look stupid and provocative," said Yyrii Boldyrev in the spring of 2012. And if we remember that the PGO's charges were based on the testimony of a suddenly awoken Ruslan Shcherban (son of the murdered deputy) you can imagine the degree of absurdity of the charges. Not to mention the fact that the actual dividends from the murder went to people who we are used to calling Donetsk clan.

"Now we see an escalation of the situation around Yulia Tymoshenko. Indictment under the article, which provides a life sentence, shows that the regime has crossed the line and is ready to destroy physically. If Tymoshenko could be executed, she would be executed. It's not about the GPO doing something. It is a synchronized struggle with the opposition - the government wants to clean up the political arena before the presidential elections of 2015. They do not need Tymoshenko alive. Today I have a firm belief: Yanukovych's goal is the physical removal of Tymoshenko," said Serhii Vlasenko.

Today Batkivschyna press service published the appeal of Yevheniia Tymoshenko to Yanukovych, Pshonka and Kuzmin. Among other things it says: "I'm not asking you to be honest, humane or compassionate, because I understand that these qualities are presently rare in our country. I do not appeal to your honor, because I know that this is in vain. I do not insist that you follow certain rules and laws because they do not work now.

I ask you only one thing: DO NOT KILL MY MOTHER!"

For Viktor Yanukovych the desire to keep the opposition leader behind bars is a bigger priority than European integration, pretense of fighting corruption and, perhaps even more important than relations with Russia. We are dealing with a situation where personal revenge of Yanukovych became a priority domestic policy. This is, by and large, the only clear point in his political program - to do everything to ensure Tymoshenko's imprisonment under any pretext. It seems that this is the meaning of life for him. It is clear that the question of her release will be resolved at the very moment when Viktor Yanukovych leaves the post of Ukrainian President. Of course, the head of state has a different idea of a life term for himself as President and Tymoshenko as a prisoner. However, the most real scenario is that it will happen after the Presidential election in 2015. The fact that the release of Tymoshenko is directly related to removal from power or loss of the elections by Yanukovych is undisputable.

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Source: Andrii Irchenko, Censor.NET