Author: V. Portnikov

The King is laughing at his naked subjects telling them about the wonderful dresses he is tailoring for them. We just haven’t felt anything yet. That is how President Viktor Yanukovych explains the fact that most Ukrainians have not experienced yet the improvement of life so obvious to the President and his associates.

"The real growth of people's income is evident and based on the fact that we get the improvement of life. But most of the population has not felt it yet and do you know why? Because it has not been around for long…", concluded the head of the state. And it is true - for you to understand how great everything is you need to live three more years with Yanukovych and then vote for him. But for now you just need to understand that you just can't realize your happiness and give the Party of Regions an opportunity to make you happy to the end. Here the end means not yours one completely, but to the end of Yanukovych's term. And then they will promise you to feel something new.

In a wonderful tale by Andersen about the dress made of nothingness tailored for the king by the talented crooks, the same promises were made to the king by the imposturous snips. And the king believed because he was afraid to seem outdated and as the result came out naked on the street and became a laughing stock for his people! But our situation is much more like a fairytale! The nation is the king and the king is the tailor. And the king is laughing at his naked subjects telling them about the wonderful dresses he is tailoring for them. Here is the silk, here is the tinsel, and here are the golden buttons! Can't you feel them?

But we don't feel them. We feel Mezhygorye (luxurious Presidential residence). We feel rabid corruption. We feel the "watchers" (criminal leader watching/controlling a certain territory). We feel the stagnation of the economy. We feel the international isolation. But we don't feel the golden buttons. And we also do not feel a tender touch of a skilled tailor's needle. Unless you talk about the police special forces - then we feel it but they do not work with needles…

We don't see a wonderful dress thrown by our king on our cold shoulders but we are afraid to admit it. We are afraid to once again look cheated and obedient. That is why on the Independence Day parade we will march naked and happy, hoping that we will feel something some day. And our king all dressed up in tinsel and silk will be laughing out loud from his throne and pointing his finger at us to his well-fed court. And this is a tale in reverse.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/r215451