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Author: Y.Butusov

The era of heroes and heroic politics in Ukraine has ended. These elections are not about choosing the path of development but rather determining the statuses. The status of irremovability and uncompromising stand of the regime, the status of lawlessness for an official of any rank, the status of victim for the opposition, the status of vics for the whole society. Censor.NO analyzes what Ukrainians should expect after the elections.

Nobody will redeem us. Not a God, neither a tsar nor a hero. Ukrainians will feel it all the way. The people are kind of prepared to a traditional holiday and free hand-outs and they got thoroughly disappointed. It will not get any better. The economy will continue dying despite paying 300 hryvnias (almost 40 USD) a day for propagandists. The prices on everything are growing despite artificially fixed currency rate.

The politicians voice various texts, but do not promise anything supernatural any more, nothing that would make suckers flock in lines for a free election cheese. No. We all clearly understand that it is bad already and it will be only worse then. And no promises or obligations will be given by anybody. The ultra-idea of the elections is formulated in (no surprises here) the tag line of the Party of Regions. We pulled through the ruins and achieved stability. That's all. All Party of Regions management has clearly learned the maxims of Bulgakov's hero Professor Preobrazhenskiy - the ruin is in the heads. And there are two ways of overcoming it. It is either to clear the Augean stables and do away with ruins or plant the idea that it is not the ruins in the head, it is the stability. The first path is obviously for suckers. Any brotha knowing his stuff will tell you that to overcome the ruin on the big board is thousand times cheaper than to do it de-facto.

That is why we already have stability. Everything we see around us is stability. Hear ye, hear ye, voters- you do not need any promises - you already have everything! Enjoy! War is peace! We read this in some book, oh well, the classics never gets old…

The United Opposition has also chosen a strange tag line - We have united for the Motherland. Well, it is good that you have united before the execution by a firing squad. It is an event. But does the news about uniting motivate the protest voters? Not a bit.

Only one ideology is efficient in our time - ideology of struggle and actions. You hate the power? We will lead you to the fight! This is valuable while the rhetoric of Kanev Four times will not cause anything. It will resolve only one task - keeping the status of all participants. Keeping the status.

So what I am talking about is this - to win the power in Ukraine no heroes are required any more. No revolutions. No pension raise by 5 times like Yanukovych did in 2004. No protests or blocking the switchboard, etc. The only things required are primitive technologies, regular election attributes that are supposed to be done. Street advertisement, TV, leaflets - all to a minimum. No grand budgets. People will eat it all up and will go to the ballots in any case. They don't need heroes and heroism. The voters who still care whether there is a state on these territories and what kind of structure it has and what kind of a country our kids will live is planning to vote strictly in protest and do not expect any miracles or shows. The choice will be made against. Everybody already knows who is theirs and who is not.

Ukrainians will see first-hand that in the country where the people are not vastly interested in methods and results of state management, the political elite loses interest in working with such constituents. Nobody is interesting in people who cannot organize themselves to even clean up or paint their building, to control its building committee or create its own housing management. We are not the people yet - we are a human resource of the this territory that can be manipulated because it needs a chief who will use the power of his eloquence and charm to make even the laziest and the most patient move. The people have no demand for everyday ideologies, for solving problems that surround people today; for political decisions that should make our life better right now.

In 2005 there were hardly 500 people protesting the arrest of the Party of Regions leaders. At the time of announcing Tymoshenko's verdict around 10 thousand people came out. At that their leaders received over 19 million votes altogether. People do not protect their political choice. It would be foolish to hope that politicians will protect such people. Elections are not just putting a tick in the ballot. Elections is the selection of struggle. It does not matter what for - the values become meaningful when somebody is fighting for it because of the cause and not the payment. You want changes? Become these changes. And do not wait for miracles. In our times there can only be one miracle - your action.

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Source: Yuriy Butusov