Ukrainian-made Delfast e-bike project raises $165,000 on Kickstarter. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Delfast e-bike capable to cover a record breaking distance on a single charge that was developed in Ukraine has finished fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The project has raised $165,800 which is three times more than its developers initially expected. It was crowd funded by 75 backers who preordered a total of 50 e-bikes.

Censor.NET reports citing AIN.UA.

Ukrainian-made Delfast e-bike project raises $165,000 on Kickstarter 01

Delfast CEO Danylo Tonkopii says the company's intention to present itself globally exceeded all expectations. "Our product was covered by TechInsider, Mashable, Yahoo, NewsWatch. Only yesterday's video by Futurism on Facebook scored half a million hits, which means that the project attracted substantial attention around the globe," he said.


Delfast Prime model electric bike can run a record-breaking 380 km using one charge with an average speed of 45 km/h while its top speed is 55 km/h. The production range also includes Top model capable of accelerating up to 80 km/h. The Lite model is equipped with a lightweight frame and is available at a lower price.

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Ukrainian-made Delfast e-bike project raises $165,000 on Kickstarter 02

The bikes are assembled in Kyiv while most their components are produced in Ukraine. The frame was designed in Ukraine and is produced in Ternopil. Some wiring, switches and other small parts are also Ukrainian-made. However, Delfast e-bikes are equipped with batteries produced in the U.S and motors made in China.

Ukrainian-made Delfast e-bike project raises $165,000 on Kickstarter 03

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