MP Rozenblat detained in Zhuliany on attempt to leave for Germany. DOCUMENT

MP Borys Rozenblat was not allowed on his flight in 'Kyiv' international airport when he tried to leave for Germany.

Rozenblat's lawyer Oleksii Shevchuk told Censor.NET.

"They conducted a search and seized his passport and cell phone without any court decision," Shevchuk said.

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The attorney said Rozenblat was not allowed out of the airport.

Shevchuk said Rozenblat told NABU earlier that he was leaving for Germany for three days due to his health condition. He provided the NABU with copies of the round trip tickets.

MP Rozenblat detained in Zhuliany on attempt to leave for Germany 01
Rozenblat's statement to NABU about his trip to Germany

The attorney said his client was not obliged to inform NABU about his trip as long as his procedural liabilities term has ended.

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On July 7, the Verkhovna Rada regulation committee considered the motion by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko on providing consent to indictment, detention, and arrest of Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) MP Boryslav Rozenblat, and found it well grounded. On July 11, Rada supported lifting immunity of Rozenblat.

On June 19, NABU detectives detained a bodyguard of Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) MP Boryslav Rozenblat. The bodyguard was carrying a bag with $200,000 in cash. The MP called it a 'provocation.' NABU head Sytnyk announced later that his agency drafted a motion on lifting immunity of people's deputies Boryslav Rozenblat and Maksym Poliakov.

On June 22, Solomianskyi court has ruled to arrest another suspect in the so-called 'amber case,' Kostiantyn Proskurko, for 60 days.

NABU estimates the total amount of bribes accepted for the sake in lobbying the laws for the amber business to be $311,000.

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