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 Night in protesters' tent camp was calm. PHOTOS

The night in the tent camp near the Verkhovna Rada building was calm.

Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The night was calm in the camp. At night, the speaker of the parliament offered to meet the president. I said that as long as Spetsnaz servicemen are attacking people, we have nothing to talk about with Petro Poroshenko. We have made a corridor allowing for safe passage of MPs to the parliament for making decisions in the public interests," Soboliev said.

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In the morning, protesters started arriving in the tent camp, Censor.NET correspondent reports from the site. Some activists are standing with shields at Shovkovychna and Hrushevskoho Streets.

Law enforcers also start arriving and circling the Rada building. Chechpoints have been set by the police at Sadova, Shovkovychna and Hrushevskoho Street. People who go through the checkpoints are asked to show their belongings and about the purpose of their visit to the government quarter.

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Night in protesters tent camp was calm 01

Protesters' tent camp.

Night in protesters tent camp was calm 02

Protesters start gathering at the Constitution Square near the Rada.

Night in protesters tent camp was calm 03

Tent camp at Hrushevskoho Street.

Night in protesters tent camp was calm 04

Law enforcers' checkpoints in the government quarter.

Night in protesters tent camp was calm 05

As reported, a protest with a request to hold a political reform in Ukraine is being held Oct. 17 at Verkhovna Rada building in Kyiv. Organizers of the protest say the key demands are to change the system of election in Ukraine, including a shift to proportional election system with open candidates list, restriction of political advertising on TV, creation of anti-corruption court, and restriction of parliamentary immunity.

Former Odesa governor Mikheil Saakashvili said that if the MPs do not fulfill the protesters' demands on Oct. 17, some of them might stay at the Rada building for indefinite protest. SBU reported earlier it had prevented a possible provocation during Oct. 17 mass events in Kyiv.
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