Forensic experts identified volunteer fighter Volodymyr Samoilenko, killed in 2015. PHOTO

DNA test allowed identifying Donbas battalion fighter Volodymyr Samoilenko, who was killed in Debaltseve fighting in February 2015.

Censor.NET reports citing onpress.info.

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On Feb. 12, 2015, a joint unit of Ukrainian forces attempted to liberate strategically important village of Lohvynove from Russian terrorist troops. The joint unit consisted of army fighters and Donbas Battalion servicemen. Supported by tanks, they successfully entered the village. However, as they advanced, the group fell into an ambush and engaged in a fight.

The National Guard fighters spread into two groups as they were trying to leave the ambush. One of the groups left with prisoners, the second covered it. The second group was eliminated: five National Guard fighters were killed, and some of the bodies could not be evacuated.

On Feb. 21 Russian militants found burned bodies of three Donbas fighters and transferred them to the Ukrainian side. The death of the 46-year-old grenade launcher operator Volodymyr Samoilenko, call sign 'Vovan,' was not confirmed, although there were witnesses to his death.

All three bodies were buried in Dnipropetrovsk (now Dnipro) as "temporarily unidentified defenders of Ukraine." Since then, the relatives have been passing DNA tests, but two analyses were negative. Only a third attempt in late June 2017 gave positive result: one of the deceased has been confirmed as Volodymyr Samoilenko. In early July he was reburied in Kyiv with military honors.

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Forensic experts identified volunteer fighter Volodymyr Samoilenko, killed in 2015 01Forensic experts identified volunteer fighter Volodymyr Samoilenko, killed in 2015 02Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p446574