Court releases Rudenko, suspect in 'Poliakov-Rozeblat' case. PHOTO

Solomianskyi district court of Kyiv has decided to impose house arrest of 60 days for Vadym Rudenko, a suspect in 'Poliakov-Rozenblat' case.

Censor.NET's correspondent reported from the court room on June 21.

Rudenko is the head of the secretariat of Deputatskyi Control inter-faction people's deputy union. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) of Ukraine says he received $11,000 from a private company to affect some deputies' decisions.

NABU also says MPs Boryslav Rozenblat (Petro Poroshenko Bloc) and Maksym Poliakov (People's Front) were receiving bribes for introducing bills on amber business in the parliament. The bills concerned amendments to the Tax and the Customs Codes. A total amount of bribes, NABU says, is $311,000.

On June 21, the court ruled on pretrial measure for two defendants out of six in the case. The ruling on the rest of the suspects is expected today.

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On June 19, NABU detectives detained a number of people involved in demanding and receiving illegal benefits for helping a foreign company to conduct amber mining in Ukraine. The crime was committed with the help of the people's deputies.

Court releases Rudenko, suspect in Poliakov-Rozeblat case 01
Photo by Iryna Salii, Censor.NETИсточник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p445009