Kuban Cossack Panchuk on fatalities in Donbas: "Hundreds were killed. All our field commanders died in Russia's rear". PHOTO

If it was for Putin's will, the war could be stopped.

Yevgeny Panchuk, Russian Cossack and terrorist who took part in the seizure of South Ossetia, Crimea and actively assisted Russian militants in the Donbas, said in an interview with Radio Svoboda, Censor.NET reports.

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"All the Cossacks, even those who oppose me now, are against the war with Ukraine. No Cossack, no matter how much he likes Putin and dislikes me, will tell you that Ukrainians are our enemies. None of the Cossacks, even those pro-Putin, wants us to fight against Ukraine, because the Ukrainians have always been, are and will be brothers for us, and this is an artificial war. The propaganda that we are at war with Banderivtsi [Ukrainian nationalists - ed.] no longer works for any of the Cossacks. We lost a lot of Cossacks in Novorossiya, from across Russia, not only Kuban but also Don, Terek, Ural Cossacks lost hundreds... Cossack field commanders were killed. I've repeatedly said they died not in combat but in the rear, got eliminated. No Ukrainian commander was killed, and all our field commanders died in Russia's rear, in Novorossiya," the terrorist said.

"Many Russians come to Ukraine to fight alongside the Ukrainian military, many Russians go to fight for the "DPR." Many residents of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions are fighting on both sides, this is a terrible war. I've already said the war could be stopped if it was for Putin's will," Panchuk added.

Kuban Cossack Panchuk on fatalities in Donbas: Hundreds were killed. All our field commanders died in Russias rear 01
Russian terrorist Yevgeny Panchuk poses in front of the Debaltseve town entry sign
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