‘Amber mafia’ sets up checkpoint, blocks road in Rivne region, - journalist. PHOTO

People in military uniforms closed the road to the Rizhky tract where the miners extract amber illegally.

Journalist Inna Biletska wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The road has been blocked by a barrier. There is a hut and persons in camouflage nearby. The national flag is flying over. Is it a checkpoint of the National Guard? Woodsmen? Police? It is actually not. It's a permanent checkpoint established by the Klesiv miners on the road to the Rizhky tract, the so-called 'swamp'," she wrote.

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"Well, at least the flag is Ukrainian. It's something at least. I like their behavior: they are feeling good about themselves; they understand that they are invincible here; they come up close to the journalists to take pictures and whisper about f*cked up sh*t. They do not think they are breaking the law, but if they actually do, they believe that they have the right to do so," Biletska said.

According to the journalist, the situation has completely spiraled out of control while the separatism is looming in the Rivne region.

Biletska posted a picture of the checkpoint.

‘Amber mafia’ sets up checkpoint, blocks road in Rivne region, - journalist 01

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