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 Vigil for fallen in Avdiivka held in Toronto. PHOTOS+VIDEO

The vigil in memory of the soldiers and civilians killed in Avdiivka was held in Toronto (Canada) in light of the recent escalation of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement of UCAS (Ukrainian Canadian Activist Society) NGO Vice-President Antonina Kumka on Facebook.


"Special thanks to Consul General of Ukraine in Toronto Andrey Veselovsky, reverend father Taras Lozynskyi, and President of Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Toronto Branch Taras Bahrii for their participation and speeches delivered," she wrote.

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The fighting in the vicinity of Avdiivka has been underway since late Saturday, Jan. 28.

After three days, Ukrainian soldiers managed to take enemy positions and improved their tactical set-up in the area. Unfortunately, casualties were reported among the military.

On Jan. 30, enemy strikes left the government-controlled town of Avdiivka without electricity, water and heat.

In the evening of Jan. 30, a state of emergency was declared in Avdiivka.

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As reported by the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Staff press center, the militants continue to storm Ukrainian positions near Avdiivka.

A regional coordination center to aid local population has been set up.

According to the National Police, six civilians had been wounded and 26 houses damaged as of morning, Feb. 1. A female body of a civilian was found in Avdiivka downtown on Feb. 1.

Vigil for fallen in Avdiivka held in Toronto 01Vigil for fallen in Avdiivka held in Toronto 02
Images courtesy of Canada - Ukraine International Assistance Fund - CUIA FundИсточник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p426744