Russia seeks to swap 14 of its citizens detained and charged in Ukraine, - Hromadske. PHOTOS+VIDEO

The names of 14 Russians whom the Russian Federation allegedly intends to exchange for Ukrainian hostages have been made public.

Censor.NET reports citing Hromadske.

According to the news outlet, Russia is informally interested to return only 14 out of 30 its citizens held in Ukrainian state custody.

Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova confirmed at a briefing on Jan. 12 that Ukraine kept about two dozen Russians in confinement.

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A source told Hromadske the names of those whom Russia took interest in:

1. Olga Kovalis, born in 1968, is held in a Mariupol detention center. She is the only female among the 14 detainees. Kovalis was charged with founding a terrorist organization. She was detained together with another Russian Pavel Chernykh at a checkpoint near Mariupol on April 30, 2015.

2. Pavel Chernykh, born in 1975, is held in a Mariupol detention center. He was apprehended at a checkpoint with Olga Kovalis on April 30, 2015. Chernykh is charged with creation and participation in a terrorist organization.

3. Andrey Langer, born in 1981, call sign Rumyn (Romanian - Ed.), is a retired Russian military. He left military service in July 2015 and immediately went to the Donbas. Langer entered the so-called "DPR" through Dolzhansky border crossing point on July 15, 2015 and joined the "5th separate motorized infantry brigade" of the "Oplot" illegal armed group. He alleged that he came to the Ukrainian checkpoint in August 2015 to render himself prisoner. He is held in a remand prison in Bakhmut, the Donetsk region.

андрей лангер

4. Igor Kimakovsky, born in 1972, was charged by the SBU of espionage, creation and participation in a terrorist organization. The law enforcement agency reported on its website about a detained FSB agent on June 30, 2015. According to the Security Service, he gathered intelligence on redeployment of the Ukrainian military and information on the Russians fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. The Russians claimed that Kimakovsky was just a university professor who left for the Donbas as a volunteer to help restoring destroyed houses. He is held in the Bakhmut detention center.

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5. Arkady Zhidkikh, born in 1967, is a resident of Yakutsk. He was detained Sept. 15, 2015 under charges of the creation of and participation in a terrorist organization.


6. Ruslan Gadzhiev, born in 1973 in Levokumskoye of Stavropol Kray of the Russian Federation, fought in "Luhansk People's Republic" units. He is being held in a pre-trial detention facility in Bakhmut, the Donetsk region.

7. Alexander Baranov was detained at Chonhar checkpoint on Nov. 22, 2016. SBU says he is a former Ukrainian military who went on to serve in the Russian Federation Army after Crimea occupation. He is being held in a pre-trial detention center in Mykolaliv and charged with desertion.

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8. Maxim Odintsov, detained along with Baranov due to the same reasons. He is being held in a pre-trial detention center in Mykolaiv and charged with desertion.

9. Yevgeny Mefedov, born in 1983. Mefedov was detained on May 2, 2014 in Odesa. He has been charged with involvement into May 2, 2014 events in Odesa, when the fire in Union Building killed several dozen people.

10. Maxim Sakauov, born in 1976 in Tiraspol, detained along with Mefedov.

11. Nikolay Korchagin, born in 1974 in Ryazan oblast, detained on June 15, 2014. SBU reported on its website that "together with his accomplice, when drunk, opened fire upon Ukrainian military at a checkpoint near Sloviansk." He has been sentenced to eight years in prison, is serving his term in a Rivne region colony.

12. Sergey Reznik, born in 1961, is charged of organization and participation in a terrorist operation. His whereabouts are not known.

13. Denis Sidorov, born in 1981 in Moscow. He surrendered to anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces on Sept. 9, 2016 near Shyroka Balka village. He is suspected of organization and participation in a terrorist operation. His whereabouts are not known.

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14. Alexander Dubinin, born in 1993 in Astrakhan oblast, accused of murder and robbery with violence, held in Kyiv pre-trial detention facility.

дубинин александр

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