"Stop Putin's war in Ukraine", - Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine in Sydney protest against Russian aggression. PHOTOS

On Saturday, Jan. 27, 2017, Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine gathered for a new worldwide protest against Russian aggression "Stop Putin's War in Ukraine 3.0".

Censor.NET reports citing Facebook of Patriots of Ukraine Worldwide Movement.

"The main purpose of the action is to draw public attention to the Russian aggression in Ukraine, to show the importance of unity and solidarity with Ukraine, as well as to urge the world to increase pressure on Russia to restore territorial integrity and peace in our country," the protesters statement reads.

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The participants will appeal to the leaders of the international community, European Union, European Parliament and OSCE for help in fulfilling the following steps for ending the war:

1. To fully withdraw all foreign occupation armed groups, military equipment and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine including Crimea under the supervision of the OSCE. To disarm all illegal groups. To restore full control of the state border by Ukraine in the whole conflict area, in accordance with Articles 9-10 of Minsk Peace Treaty from 12.02.2015 and the UN General Assembly Resolution from 16.11.2016.

2. To increase the OSCE observation mission to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and allow it to the part of the Ukrainian-Russian border temporarily not controlled by Ukraine, because Russian-separatist forces stop attacks only when the OSCE observers are present at the front.

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3. To immediately release all hostages and illegally detained persons, who are detained on politically motivated and trumped up charges - according to Article 6 of Minsk Peace Treaty from 12.02.2015.

4. To liberate illegally annexed territories of Crimea and Sevastopol that are temporary occupied by country-aggressor Russia, in accordance with the UN General Assembly Resolution from 16.11.2016.

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