Court recognizes opening in helmet of Maidan activist Holodniuk as entry hole. PHOTOS

The hole in the helmet of Ustym Holodniuk, a Maidan activist killed in February 2014 in Kyiv, has been named an entry.

This was announced during today's session at the Sviatoshyn district court of Kyiv, a Censor.NET correspondent reports.

The meeting on the Maidan massacre case, which involves former Berkut [now disbanded riot police unit] officers, examined the helmet of the deceased. The only hole in the helmet was assessed as an entry.

Ustym Holodniuk's father Volodymyr confirmed his son wore this very helmet on Feb. 20, 2014.

The lawyer of one of the defendants, watching a video with shooters on a Kamaz truck outside the Cabinet's club at the time of Ustym's death, said: "Those were warning shots or ground shots." The defense also suggested that the entry hole in Ustym's helmet could be due to a ricochet.

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During the tragic events on Maidan on Feb. 20, 2014, Ustym Holodniuk, 19, helped pulling out the wounded when a sniper hit him. He was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously.

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