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 Rally gathers in Olevsk, people demand unbiased probe into night shooting. PHOTOS

Some 300 local residents gathered today in the central square of Olevsk, the Zhytomyr region, demanding that law enforcers conduct a fair investigation into the night shooting that wounded seven people and killed one man, and restore order in the region as a whole.

Zhytomyr regional council deputy Oleksandr Nikolaichuk told Ukrinform, Censor.NET reports.

"Some 300 people came, residents of Olevsk and neighborhood, who expressed their dissatisfaction about the events taking place in Olevsk in the last two years: burglaries, robberies, bullying by out-of-town criminals. We see that yesterday's events prove all this. People demand to put an end to crime, ensure security, restore order in the area and create safety points in Olevsk. Yesterday's incident was a straw that broke the camel's back. And most importantly, the shoot-out was started by out-of-town gangsters," he wrote.

According to him, the protesters warn that in the worst case they are ready to block the international highway Kyiv-Koval-Yahodyn known as Varshavka.

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As previously reported, on Monday night, Jan. 16, an armed attack was committed in downtown Olevsk against local residents. Unknowns fired pistols and rifles at young people in the parking outside a cafe and threw a grenade into the crowd.

The police have launched a criminal proceeding into the incident that left six people wounded and one dead.

Nikolaichuk has also posted photos of the rally.

стрельба олевск

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стрельба олевск
стрельба олевск
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