Poet Polezhaka's brother and his 8-month-old daughter killed in car crash with drunk rich kid. PHOTO

On Dec. 27, 2016 a car crash near Kharkiv took lives of a 38-year-old brother and 8-month-old niece of Ukrainian poet Artem Polezhaka. The man told about the tragedy on his Facebook page, after which it was blocked by Facebook administration.

Censor.NET reports citing Chetvertaya Vlast.

Polezhaka wrote his 38-year-old brother and his family were driving their VAZ-2102 along Kharkiv's Saltivske Avenue when their lane was crossed by a Toyota Prado driven by Moroz Pavlo Ihorovych, born in 1980. The poet said Moroz was drunk, had committed several car accidents by that time and was fleeing from police.

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The two cars crashed, killing Polezhaka's 38-year-old brother Oleksandr Polezhaka and his 8-month-old daughter Yaroslava.


Moroz has been arrested without the right of bail, but social media users report there have been attempts to take the case out of the court. According to Dmytro Polezhaka, brother of Artem and Oleksandr, the instructions to do so come from Kyiv. The brothers are asking the media to report the case.


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Kharkiv patrol officers have told local media that the driver acted inadequately on the spot and was offering bribes.

Volunteer Emma Shymanovych said the alcohol level in Moroz's blood was eight times the allowed level.

Polezhaka's sister-in-law has been taken to a hospital in grave condition.

Polezhaka's family has been supported by well-known artists (including Kozak System frontman Ivan Lenio), volunteers and politicians. Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko wrote on his Facebook he would support Polezhaka and had ordered to punish the guilty person.


Radical Party MP Andrii Lozovyi wrote that acting head of the National Police Vadym Troian had taken personal control over the investigation of the car crash.

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