Russian militants insulted on body of Ukrainian soldier killed near Kruta Balka. PHOTOS

Soldier of 12th Separate Mechanized Infantry Battalion Leonid Provodenko, call sign Kozak, was killed in action on Thursday, Dec. 29. The militants retrieved his body after the battle. Ukrainian military disclosed details of their comrade’s-in-arms death.

As reported by Censor.NET, 72nd Brigade soldiers wrote on Facebook.

"Recon Platoon Commander Sergeant Leonid Provodenko, call sign Kozak, was killed by the enemy in a clash near Kruta Balka village (on the outskirts of Avdiivka). Being alarmed by gunshots, the enemy opened fierce indiscriminate fire and took the soldier's body under its cover to insult on it," the servicemen wrote.

According to Ukrainian soldiers, the militants posted photos and footage of insults over the killed soldier's body which sparked public outrage in Ukraine and throughout the world. The outrage was so strong that Facebook administration was forced not only to delete the post at the request of the Internet community, but also ban the account of a militants' supporter, who had posted the horrifying pictures or maybe even was the one who took them.

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"Leonid Provodenko was 53 years old. He lived in the village of Mykhailivka in the Luhansk region and worked as a local environment protection inspector before the war. He is survived by a wife and two sons. When Russia occupied the Donbas, Leonid brought the family to Kyiv and volunteered to serve in the Ukrainian army on Aug. 6, 2014. He served in the 12th Battalion, always cared about junior soldiers, followed traditions of Ukrainian Cossacks, dreamt to liberate his native village and bring his family back home, continue doing the job he loved so much," his comrades-in-arms wrote.

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The militants handed over Kozak's body under swap agreement in order for the hero to be buried with appropriate honors.

Mykola Tsukur wrote: "Leonid Provodenko (call sign Kozak) will be buried at Kyiv's Lukianivka Military Cemetery on Monday, Jan. 2. The farewell ceremony will take place in the Alley of Heavenly Hundred on Instytutska Street at 11 a.m."

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