Russian air defense soldiers who might have employed TOR in Donbas spotted in Donetsk sauna. PHOTOinvestigation

Investigators revealed career soldiers of air defense troops of Russia (the 138th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade) in occupied areas of the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET, international investigative community InformNapalm wrote in a new article.

The 138th Brigade includes anti-aircraft and artillery divisions, a recon, motorized, and tank battalions. It is commanded by Major General Arkady Marzoyev. This investigation covers air defense soldiers of the brigade that were spotted by InformNapalm members.

In June 2015 InformNapalm reported of deployment of air defense soldiers from Russian Ukraine-bordering regions to the Donbas. 14 military of the 138th Brigade were identified by volunteers back then. Although they subsequently deleted their social media accounts, InformNapalm usually saves information on everyone in its database and updates it regularly.

One of the soldiers featured in 2015 investigation was Alexey aka Artyushin, real name Kuritsyn (archive of profile, contacts, and album).

армия рф оккупанты

Kuritsyn's military card reads he was serving since July 2013 and was to finish the contract in October 2016.

армия рф оккупанты

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армия рф оккупанты

Searching through Kuritsyn's friends, volunteers came across another Russian army soldier, a contract serviceman from Kamenka Sergey Yashkevich (archive of profile, album, contacts, and another social media profile).

армия рф оккупанты

The soldiers posted photos in their social media profiles proving they were deployed not only in Rostov Oblast, but in Ukrainian Donetsk as well.

армия рф оккупанты

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армия рф оккупанты

"Despite geotagging attached to some of the photos, we are able to identify their exact location of making. Yashkevich's photo was made at Sechenova Street, where a unit of Russian air defense forces has its base (coordinates 47.996942,37.8571026)," the authors wrote.

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The image was initially posted in December 2015.

Group photos of the 138th brigade servicemen in Donetsk were also spotted:

1. Near a market entrance with a sign in Ukrainian.
2. In a café with beige walls interior. Alexey Kuritsyn is on the left, Sergey Borodin (will be discussed below) sits next to him.
3. Yashkevich took a photo in the same café with another comrade from the 138th brigade Gennady Bakhmatov from Vyborg.
4. Photo in military uniform in a canteen.
5. Photo in front of the downtown fir tree in Donetsk.
армия рф оккупантыармия рф оккупанты

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Chief Warrant Officer Gennady Bakhmatov (archive of profile, album, and contacts) was awarded for his participation in "Donbas training" together with the rest of the abovementioned military.

армия рф оккупантыармия рф оккупанты

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армия рф оккупанты

Yashkevich and Bakhmatov took a picture in a Kamenka military unit.

Private Sergey Borodin (archive of profile, album, and contacts) was awarded with medal "For Valor" of II degree.

армия рф оккупанты

He showed 'valor' being illegally in the territory of the sovereign state as a soldier of air defense forces of Russia in Donetsk, InformNapalm reports.

Another 'valor' committed by the 'heroes' of this publication is visiting a sauna in Donetsk, the authors wrote and posted photos from Yashkevich's social media account.

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InformNapalm noted that in 2015-2016 Russian TOR surface-to-air missile systems were employed in the Donbas.

"This type of the latest Russian weapon could not be operated by regular collaborationists," the authors say adding that the 138th Brigade could have employed them as they had TORs in their base.

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In November 2016, evidence of the Russian aggression against Ukraine gathered by InformNapalm was presented at the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO in Istanbul.

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