"DPR" unaware of hostages liberated by Savchenko: "No one told us!" PHOTOS

The "liberation" of two Ukranian citizens by Nadiia Savchenko was coordinated directly from Moscow while the breakaway separatist "republics" were unaware of it.

As reported by Censor.NET, it follows from a phone call between the so-called head of the department of information policy and public relations of the "DPR" head administration Elena Alekseeva and a LifeNews correspondent, posted on YouTube.

When asked by LifeNews journalist Makarenko about the personalities of Anzhelika Presniakova and Olha Svorak, Alekseeva said: "I do not know who they are. I'm sorting things out with Moscow. Because all this was not even brought to our attention."

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Interestingly, the "liberated" women are said to be in relationship with separatists and their accomplices.

Olha Svorak, calling herself a journalist from Ivano-Frankivsk, says she went in 2015 to the occupied territory to visit her beloved, a militant.


In October 2015, Svorak traveled with him to occupied Crimea on holidays. The man in the photo with Svorak wears a badge in the form of the Novorossiya flag on his chest.

Svorak is friends with journalist Ruslan Kotsaba who was convicted for his appeal to Ukrainians to sabotage the mobilization.


In 2012, Kotsaba published a video with Svorak on his YouTube channel.


A few days ago, Kotsaba, speaking on NewsOne station, actively supported Savchenko.

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The second woman handed over to the Ukrainian side is Anzhelika Presniakova, a former judge from temporarily occupied Novoazovsk.


Family members: husband, sister and daughter.


Her sister Svitlana Yemelianova believes occupied Novoazovsk is part of Russia.


She likes "DPR"-related posts on social media.


The sister's daughter lives in Russian Rostov-on-Don.


Olena Yarovaia (Presniakova), the daughter of liberated Anzhelika, lives in Donetsk, constantly posts new photos and doesn't say a word about her mother's captivity.


On Dec. 27, militants handed over two captive women Anzhelika Presniakova and Olha Svorak to Volodymyr Ruban, the head of Officers Corps NGO engaged in the hostage liberation process.

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Nadiia Savchenko is not included in an official group of negotiators. Together with Volodymyr Ruban, she unofficially met with the separatist leaders in Minsk.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p421257