Police built up identikit picture of suspect in rabbi Nachman grave desecration case. PHOTO

An identikit picture of a suspect of the rabbi Nachman grave desecration in Uman, the Cherksay region, has been published by local police.

Censor.NET reports citing the National Police in the Cherkasy region.

The suspect is of a medium build, about 30-35 years old, and 175 cm tall. He has a round face and light-colored skin. Bold, he has blue eyes, narrow expressionless eyebrows, parrot nose, freckles; His right auricle is believed to be deformed as a result of an injury.

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He was wearing a light-gray jacket, blue jeans, and dark brown shoes.

Criminal proceedings have been opened under article 161 (p.3 - violation of citizens' equality based on their race, nationality or religion beliefs ) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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It was reported earlier that in the evening of Dec. 20, unknown persons violated the tomb of rabbi Nachman in Uman, the Cherkasy region. They poured red paint over the entrance to the tomb and threw a pig head with a swastika into the synagogue.

Image courtesy of the National Police in the Cherkasy region
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p420848