Four Russian soldiers from Kalmykia "got lost" in Donbas steppes, - InformNapalm. PHOTOS

Russian soldiers from the 7th Military Base of the 49th Army (Southern Military District of Russia, deployed in Abkhazia, Georgia) have been spotted in the Donbas.

Censor.NET reports citing InformNapalm international volunteer investigative community.

"Kalmyks, who serve in the Russian imperial troops, probably confused the Donbas steppes with their native vast lands," the authors of the article wrote.

The new OSINT investigation presents four comrades from the Reconnaissance Battalion of the 7th Military Base spotted on a "Ukrainian mission - 2015". They have been identified through analysis of information and photos of the subjects of our previous investigations. For example:
  • a photo of Sergey Finogin (Ilya Kuznetsov), a contract soldier from the same military unit, who, being in summer of 2016 on a combat mission in occupied Horlivka, was photographed recklessly with a local bull terrier and posted in social media;
  • analysis of social media accounts of eight scouts of 7th Military Base who fought in Ukraine.
"On the background of the group photo of the servicemen from the 7th Military Base, dressed in non-statutory "gorka" uniform (popular outfit among "rebellious miners" in 2014-2015), abandoned buildings can be seen. The terrain and the type of the buildings in the picture do not match the mountainous terrain of Abkhazia. The terrain in the photo looks more like a steppe landscape on the Russian-Ukrainian border in the vicinity of Izvaryne. We saw similar landscape in the Donbas trip photo report of the Russian maintainer Mikhail Boyurov, who compromised not only himself, but also a tactical group of the 200th Brigade from the Russian Northern Fleet," the article reads.

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The investigation features the following people:

1. Altynbek Zhumarystanov (Zhumarstanov)

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Zhumarystanov is a contract serviceman of the 7 th Military Base, born on Dec. 26, 1994, native of Kharabali in Astrakhan Oblast. He has accounts in social media: VK2 (profile archives), OK (profile, album, contacts archives). Phone: +79270760777.

At first glance, Zhumarystanov's photo albums are inconspicuous. Except for they contain a photo from the "Ukrainian mission" period, which was previously presented by an OSINT-investigator Al Gri (whose investigations have been also published on the InformNapalm website). In addition, Zhumarystanov was identified in the group photo of scouts from the 7th Military Base that was taken during the "Ukrainian mission - 2015" period somewhere in the same area, judging by the ruined buildings.

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2. Eduard Chunov

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Chunov is also a contract serviceman of the 7 th Military Base and a native of Astrakhan Oblast, born on April, 08, 1990. His accounts in social media are: VK (profile, albums, contacts archives) under the name Ivan Ivanov, and OK under his own name.

In his photo albums, he keeps series of images that illustrate his contract service both in Abkhazia and on deployments.

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3. Kuandik Zharkanaliev

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Zharkanaliev is a contract serviceman of the 7 th Military Base and a native of Astrakhan Oblast as well. He has an account on VK (profile, photo archives).
Although Kuandik Zharkanaliev is camera shy, we were able to identify him in the photo from the album of Ivan Prokudin, a contract serviceman of the same military unit and a subject of a previous investigation, seen on the "Ukrainian mission - 2014" (the third identified soldier in the picture, the one with the Order of Courage, is Aleksandr Krivosheev).

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4. Samat Isaliev

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Isaliev is a contract serviceman of the 7 th Military Base and a native of Astrakhan Oblast, born on Feb. 14, 1994. He uses accounts in social media: VK1 (profile, albums, contacts archives), VK2 (profile, album, contacts archives) under the name of Semyon Makarov, and OK (profile, album, contacts archives).

In Samat Isaliev's photo album in OK investigators found the same group photo of scouts as in Sergey Finogin's files.

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"InformNapalm's readers might remember the intriguing publication of Oct. 27, 2016: Documents revealing personnel of another Russian BTG on a "Rostov-Ukrainian mission. It is time to reveal the secret and name the source of information about personnel and structure of the Battalion Tactical Group (BTG) from the 7th Military Base. It is a picture posted by Isaliev- "Makarov" on VK2, the one taken "in the office", at the base camp of Russian troops, located in Oktyabrsky Raion, Rostov Oblast, near the Ukrainian border. Among other documents on the table, a ration record was discovered. This document reflected the structure of the BTG from the 7 thMilitary Base BTG on "Rostov-Ukrainian mission" in 2016," the article reads.

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