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 Farewell ceremony for three killed mortarmen of 92nd Mechanized Brigade held in Kharkiv region. PHOTOS

A funeral service for the dead soldiers was held today at the parade ground of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade in the Kharkiv region.

Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

On Dec. 10, a mortar crew of the 92nd Brigade came under artillery fire in the Donetsk region. The attack claimed lives of three servicemen - senior soldier Viktor Klymenko (1978), soldier Volodymyr Sholominskyi (1983) and senior soldier Andrii Leliakin (1982). One more fighter, Junior Sergeant Oleksandr Litchenko, survived the attack.

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"On Dec. 10, they launched the attack, and we as a mortar battery were stationed two hours away from the contact line under the Minsk agreements. The shelling was strong and intense. We were ordered to move out for help. We arrived at a position and received the coordinates.

"A few seconds after we aimed, an enemy shell arrived from the uncontrolled territory. It came down straight into the trench with a mortar and the crew. Volodymyr Sholominskyi covered me with his body. He took all the fragments upon him. I was just sent aside by the blast wave," Litchenko recalls.


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According to deputy commander of the 3rd Mechanized Battalion of the 92nd Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Solovian, the dead soldiers were to return home in just a couple of months. All of them served under a six-month contract.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p419150