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 Five people dead: policemen shot each other trying to apprehend serial robbers in Kyiv region. PHOTOS

Five police officers were killed in the village of Kniazhychi (26 km from Kyiv) last night.

The tragedy was reported by MP Anton Herashchenko, Censor.NET reports citing his Facebook.

"Kyiv criminal investigation department (CID) worked on the apprehension of a dangerous gang of robbers that systematically looted houses of Kyiv and Kyiv region residents. Last night the CID staff received information that another robbery could occur in the village of Kniazhychi. The CID tact team and KORD special squad went there. The police intelligence officers took up a position in a newly built private house in Kniazhychi. Their task was to monitor the situation and give a command to apprehend the criminals," Herashchenko wrote.

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"Meanwhile a burglar alarm automatically tripped in one of the neighboring houses. Security service group arrived on the scene and apprehended two police intelligence officers. Coincidently, the CID tact team decided that intelligence officers were captured by the violators. They drove their minivan towards the spot where their colleagues were apprehended. Then, the security service group and the CID tact team exchanged fire which lasted for a few moments and claimed five lives," he wrote.

Among the victims were two security service officers, two policemen, and one KORD intelligence officer.

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Three suspects heard a gunfight and abandoned their plan to rob a house. They drove away in two Toyota Land Cruisers 200 towards Kyiv, where they were apprehended.

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