Senior prosecutor caught in Kherson region accepting 400,000 hryvnia in bribe, - Lutsenko. PHOTO

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko has reported that a deputy of a local prosecutor's office was nabbed in the Kherson region for extorting a bribe of 400,000 hryvnia ($14,869).

Censor.NET reports citing Lutsenko's Facebook page.

"During six months, more than 160 senior officials have been fired from the PGO. 28 employees were detained accepting bribes.

"On Prosecutors' Day [marked in Ukraine on Dec. 1 - ed.] they weren't asleep. In the Kherson region, a deputy of a local prosecutor's office was apprehended for demanding 400,000 hryvnia from a businessman for dismissing a case," Lutsenko wrote.

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