MP Frolov initiates check to establish those who illegally included assets in his property registry. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) faction MP Mykola Frolov says he discovered that he owned several apartments in different Ukraine’s cities and a 1994 Tavria car after making requests to registries before submitting his income statement online. However, the people's deputy swears he never heard of them and definitely did not purchase these assets.

Mykola Frolov wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"I heard that the surprises are quite possible during filling out e-declarations this year. Therefore, I decided to thoroughly prepare for this event important in the life of every human being. As the saying goes, "to avoid being ashamed of own petty past..."

"Imagine my surprise when I received answers to my requests from the relevant registries which stated that besides the apartment in Zaporizhia and the Hyundai I own several apartments in different cities of Ukraine which I had never been to.

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"According to those registries, I also owned 1994 Tavria rattletrap painted in communist red. I do not need someone else's property, but I warn those knaves who have benefited from my good name in their foul purposes: since the property belongs to me de jure, you have only two options - either to confess knavery, or I will become owner of this property de facto.

"I have already filed requests to the relevant agencies. Hopefully, it's all about the imperfection of the registries. Sincerely yours, Mykola Frolov, the real one," he wrote.

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