Old evil and old orders returned to army, - civil volunteer Mysiahin. PHOTO

Civil volunteers continue assisting Ukrainian fighters in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area, who have more and more requests as the weather is getting colder. The soldiers are asking for construction materials to build trenches and winterize them. Volunteers note the situation with medical treatment, bureaucracy, and vehicle delivery is getting worse at the front line. They say "the army returned back to 2014."

This was announced by volunteer Yurii Mysiahin in his blog post on Censor.NET, writing about his trip to the front line to visit the 54th brigade.

Mysiahin wrote that the 54th brigade is fighting at one of the hottest spots of the ATO area, the Svitlodarsk salient. They need assistance to winterize their entrenchments, as the nights are getting colder.

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Soldiers of the 1st battalion of the 54th brigade with aid delivered by civil volunteers

Mysiahin listed a number of burning issues that exist at the front line and negatively affect the combat ability of Ukrainian soldiers. He noted lack of vehicle deliveries to the front line, bureaucracy that commanders face, alcoholism among fighters, and poor medical conditions for the military.

"Adequate military with good experience and respect from colleagues, unfortunately, are leaving the army. WHY???? Because all the evil and all the orders that had been there for all these years have returned. The old system breaks anyone. No one can stand it when there are more check ups than cases of shelling by separatists. When they have to use old equipment, while TV stories tell new one is delivered all the time," Mysiahin wrote.

The volunteer said the fighters continue sending requests for aid: "Marines near Mariupol, the 93rd brigade in the Luhansk region, military near Pavlopil, and others, they call and ask for help. They keep saying it's getting colder, and the people at the front line have not been supplied with materials for construction, winterizing, and strengthening of entrenches. It's called 'we're back in 2014'," Mysiahin summed up.

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