Ukroboronprom introduced new 'Taipan' combat module. PHOTO

Ukroboronprom has introduced a new combat module “Taipan” at XIII International Exhibition Arms and Security 2016 in Kyiv.

Censor.NET reports citing Ukroboronprom.

Installed system of backlash planetary gearboxes and ac converter-fed motors provide precise targeting at ultra slow and high speeds making 'Taipan' combat module simple unique. 'Taipan' provides automatic targeting, keeps armament prearranged position regardless repositioning of the moving combat vehicle, as well as automatic tracking of a target. The automatic command-guidance system, which operates with account of weather conditions, types of projectiles, types of arms, angular velocity and target range, is installed at the combat module. Sight system can be adjusted both to the line-of-sight and horizon line.


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'Taipan' is equipped with a rapid-fire machine double-barreled 23 mm gun, the effective range of which reaches 1.8 km. Other combat module modifications can be equipped with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun and 30 mm grenade launcher with a separate elevation drive unite.

Remote control of the combat module is carried out at a distance of 500 meters with three hours battery life. The minimum weight of the combat module is 350 kg.

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