Glory to Heroes march underway in downtown Kyiv. PHOTOS

Several thousand people are taking part in the Glory to Heroes march taking place in the center of Ukraine's capital.

A Censor.NET correspondent reports from the scene.

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Oleh Tiahnybok, Svoboda party leader, urged the marchers not to succumb to provocations.

The police, including mounted officers, are securing public order along the march route.

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People are going down Shevchenko Boulevard, chanting: "Bandera [leader of the nationalist and independence movement of Ukraine - ed.] is our hero, Pokrova [Intercession - ed.] Feast Day is our holiday."

свобода марш колонна
свобода марш колонна
Mounted police

свобода марш колоннасвобода марш колоннасвобода марш колоннасвобода марш
Marchers unfold long Ukraine's flag

свобода маршсвобода маршсвобода маршсвобода марш
Photos by Oleh Bohachuk

свобода маршсвобода маршсвобода марш
свобода марш
свобода маршсвобода марш
свобода маршмарш
Marchers light flares on Khreshchatyk Street

свобода марш
Photos by Censor.NET

марш славы героев
марш славы героевмарш славы героевмарш славы героев
The column is led by Oleh Tiahnybok, Svoboda ex-MPs Bohdan Beniuk, Yurii Syrotiuk, Ihor Kryvetskyi

марш славы героевмарш славы героевмарш славы героевмарш славы героев
Photos by Oleh BohachukИсточник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p410559