"Wretched brigade": former Russian contract soldier Lyazin dwells on hardships of "service" in Donbas. PHOTOS

Volunteer investigators have published evidence of how Russian contract soldiers of the 17th OMSBR (Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, military unit No. 65384, Shali, Chechnya), the 58th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District served in the ranks of militants in the Donbas. Two years into the war, some soldiers of the brigade keep fighting in the Donbas, posing as local miners-rebels.

Censor.NET reports referring to InformNapalm international OSINT community.

"In most cases, our OSINT investigations are based on pictures of Russians in the Donbas that they boast on their social media accounts. But the most recent case is exceptional - the investigation was triggered by correspondence in the 17th OMSBR, the Chechen Republic, Shali group on VK social media, where Yevgeny Lyazin was discovered. Interestingly, his profile does not contain even a hint of his belonging to the Russian army, although Lyazin himself confirms this in open correspondence of February 2016 that we found in the above group," the investigators note.

"Moreover, Lyazin is quite frank and gives a candidate for contract service a piece of good advice:

"Don't even think about joining this wretched brigade!!! I served there for two years before breaking the contract. But if you still go there, you will see for yourself that I was telling the truth!!!"

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The subject of the inquiry: Yevgeny Lyazin

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Born Nov. 30, 1984 in Orsk, Orenburg region of Russia, he served under contract in the 17th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation stationed in Chechnya in the recent past. He supposedly left the military service in early January 2016. Yevgeny Lyazin's profile on VKontakte (profile, photo album, video gallery, and contacts archive) and on OK (page with restricted access).

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Yevgeny Lyazin has been on the "Purgatory database" of the Myrotvorets project since January 2015. However, he was identified as a "militant of the illegal armed groups" without any reference to his ties with the Russian Defense Ministry.

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    Lyazin also took active part in another mailing of the 17th Brigade servicemen unveiling some information about him, including the fact that he was a member of the 17th Brigade's intelligence unit: he wrote that he was in Donetsk and attached his cell number.

    As noted above, Lyazin's profile contains the following exclusive footage from the Donbas uploaded in January - February 2015 showing him openly posing on camera (the videos are available on YouTube):

    • the village of Styla (Starobesheve district, the Donetsk region, Ukraine):

    • the town of Dokuchaievsk (the Donetsk region, Ukraine):

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    • untitled video containing shooting, show-offs, and explicit language:

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    армия рф оккупанты

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