Supply chain of fake spirits, which claimed lives of 38 people, established, - Tax Police. PHOTOS

The tax police officers have established a source of methanol supply, which was the main ingredient of fake alcohol that has already killed 38 people in the Kharkiv region.

As reported by Censor.NET, First Deputy Chairman of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Serhii Bilan wrote on Facebook.

According to him, the alcohol was delivered from an enterprise in Sievierodonetsk (the Luhansk region). The company that officially distributes methanol imported it from the Russian Federation.

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Serhii Bilan said that methanol is a potent poison and could not be bought on the open market. Special conditions and appropriate permits are applied to its transportation.




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"An employee of a company in
Sievierodonetsk illegally sold methanol to a middleman who, in turn, sold it directly to the organizer of the fake alcohol manufacture. A driver who transported methanol has already been identified and questioned. The fake supporting documents he received stated that he was carrying other liquid," Bilan said.

The middleman bought more than five tons of methanol, later delivered to the fake alcohol manufacturer, according to the described scheme.

"The middleman has testified and confessed of everything. His house has been searched. The company in Sievierodonetsk is being searched at the moment," Bilan added.

In addition, the person who organized the manufacturing of fake alcohol and his two accomplices were detained yesterday by the court for 60 days without the right to bail. Another accomplice is under house arrest.

"We continue to work around the clock to punish those involved in the deaths of dozens of people," Bilan wrote. In addition, tax police units are doing their utmost to identify all points of sale of the poisonous drink, which was sold in different regions of the country, as soon as possible.

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