Police apprehend major suppliers of fake alcohol: three tons of deadly booze went on sale. PHOTOS

The police arrested the main suppliers of "deadly" vodka in Kharkiv and Donbas. The fake alcohol was distributed in the territory of eastern Ukraine and the Mykolaiv region. The stores there are currently checked in order to seize the dangerous spirits.

Censor.NET reports citing the press-service of the National Police of Ukraine.

72 persons applied to hospitals over 10 days. 35 of them subsequently died. All the victims drank alcoholic beverages, namely, vodka and brandy.

The police officers made every effort to identify the "businessmen" who had decided to get rich from people's deaths.

First, the team of operatives of the Donetsk region police have established the major supplier of fake alcohol in the region, and then identified a supplier in the Kharkiv region.

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A woman was distributing both pure alcohol and deadly booze produced from it. The main suppliers were purchasing pure alcohol and then producing fake vodka and brandy.

The deadly alcohol with labels of well-known producers later hit the mass market via the retail chain or was sold to the customers by the fakers.


The perpetrators used labels, bottles and packaging of several well-known brands. The prime cost of half a liter of fake alcohol was worth 25 hryvnia (less than $1). The police referred all collected evidence to the State Fiscal Service.

The 27-year-old organizer of the clandestine manufacture was detained tonight. Four tons of pure alcohol were seized from him. The person tested the fake spirits on his friends. Despite the fact that they felt sick after drinking it, the guy continued production and distribution of the deadly booze.

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It is also known that three tons of fake alcohol has gone on sale.

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The police urge citizens to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. The law enforcers take measures to establish the points of sale of the fake alcohol in order to withdraw it from the stores.


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