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 Pro-Russian terrorist media claim SBU ordered hit on Oplot ringleader Zhilin, making ‘Novorossia’ supporters who earlier took refuge in Russia feel unsafe. PHOTO

The online “news outlets” run by Russian-backed terrorists report that the Security Service of Ukraine has allegedly ordered a hit on leader of the pro-Russian militants’ organization Oplot Yevgeny Zhilin. From now on, ‘Novorossia’ supporters seeking refuge in the Russian Federation can no longer feel safe.

Censor.NET reports citing the article by Ruslan Lyapin published by one of the terrorists' websites.

"There is little doubt that it was Yevgeny whom a hitman came after, as well as in the fact that Ukrainian secret agencies have something to do with this. This means that after a relatively painless consequences of attempts to commit terrorist attacks in Crimea, Ukraine has gone over to the open terror in the territory of Russia. The 'Novorossia' supporters or just ordinary enemies of Nazis seeking refuge in the Russian Federation can no longer feel safe. Impunity is a breeding ground for lawlessness. The Rubicon has been crossed. Now either we shall see the adequate response to this crime, or SBU will go over from single hits to mass slaughter or even bomb attacks," the author claims.

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He sympathetically quotes the editor of one of the pro-Russian news outlets Andrey Kovalenko: "The Security Service of Ukraine provides Ukrainian saboteurs in Russia with intelligence and organizational support. The information on the large network of the SBU agents deployed in Moscow, Rostov and other Russian cities was spread back in early 2015. Now the network assumes the offensive."

As reported, leader of the pro-Russian militants' organization Oplot Yevgeny Zhilin was murdered at a restaurant in Gorki-2 village near Moscow Sept. 19.

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