"Those advocating lifting sanctions against Russia should visit Marinka," - MEPs Harms, Boni, Štětina travel to Donbas. PHOTOS

Members of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms, Michal Boni, Jaromír Štětina, as well as First Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko, Ukrainian lawmakers Maria Ionova, Andrey Lopushansky and Ukraine’s representative to the EU Mykola Tochytskyi visited the Donbas.

Herashchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"As members of the Parliamentary Committee, we intended to talk with residents of villages situated at the line of contact, visit the entry/exit point, talk to IDPs, and ask the Ukrainian military at the forefront whether the cease-fire deal was observed. It's a pity that only three MEPs out of 20 who had initially planned to travel to the east [of Ukraine - ed.] actually dared to make this important trip to see with their own eyes whether it was possible to hold elections there.

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"The rest of the MEPs canceled their long-planned visit at the last minute after the leadership of the European Parliament recommended its members to refrain from travelling beyond Kyiv.

"The delegation met a family with two children. One child had got epilepsy, and each shelling set off a seizure. They were shown fragments of shells that hit the family's home a year ago. The Europeans were horrified. They went down to the cellar where the family was taking cover during strikes.

"Marinka and neighboring Krasnohorivka are still inhabited. 5,000 residents are now living in Marinka. The town experiences problems with gas and power supply while the enemy prevents the pipelines and the power transmission lines from being repaired, forcing the locals to survive the nearing winter without heating and energy. The excavator was thrice fired at when it was used in pipeline repairs. I am going to speak about this "humanism" in Minsk tomorrow.

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"Our next destination is the entry/exit point outside Marinka. It is calm today while it was closed due to attacks a couple of days ago... The European colleagues were able to talk with people from the occupied regions travelling to the government-controlled territory to receive pensions and purchase food at lower prices about their life 'behind the barrier.' The people confirm that Russian ruble is the main currency there. They have not yet realized that the war is funded by those who benefit from it. It is clear that hryvnia, dollars, and euros are not accepted in the occupied territory unlike ruble - the currency of the country that has waged the war.

"I am grateful to the European colleagues for travelling without bullet-resistant vests, helmets, or guards. Our European friends were fair to say that "the people living here do not wear helmets after all." It was also important for the residents of the occupied territories to see the foreigners. "You should make more efforts in your European Parliament to establish peace," they say.

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"We also visited our military deployed at the front line, examined the living conditions in their field camps and tried the meals they were served.

"Our European colleagues are convinced that those who advocate the lifting of sanctions imposed on Russia should visit Marinka and see the result of the 'brotherly love' instead of delivering lofty speeches about the Minsk agreements being in safety in their European capitals," the first deputy speaker summed up.

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