Protest outside Inter TV channel ends as activists expect soonest fulfillment of demands. PHOTO

The protest near the office of Inter TV channel in Kyiv has been halted in exchange for channel leadership's promise to change the station's editorial policy and dismiss infamous Russia-born political consultant Ihor Shuvalov as deputy director on development of Natsionalni Informatsiini Systemy (National Information Systems) LLC.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Detector Media, the protesters are taking down the tents.

Protest co-organizer Oleksii Serdiuk, member of the Sviata Mariia (Saint Mary) Battalion and the All-Ukrainian Union of ATO Veterans, said an agreement was reached during talks with Inter's representatives. In particular, according to him, the station must change its content and fire Shuvalov within five days.

"An agreement has been reached, we have five days. The entrances will be unblocked, the cars will be removed, the tents will be taken down. We are waiting for five days until they change the content," he said.

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"Shuvalov will be sacked in the near future. We hope this process will be launched. If the content is not changed, people will gather and the blockade will be resumed in a much more rigid form," Serdiuk noted.

"All our activists have no negative feelings towards journalists. We all know that people who work here are good people and many of them support us. But they're just doing their job. Our protest was against the channel's senior executives. Therefore, we hope that our demands will be met in full within five days," the activist pointed out.

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As previously reported, unknown persons set tires on fire outside the building of Inter TV channel in Kyiv Sept. 4. Next day, a rally started near the office. On Tuesday, Sept. 6, some 50 protesters blocked the building.

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